"The Open Valve" was an industrial magazine distributed to the workers of the Nordstrom Valve Division of Rockwell Manufacturing Co., Oakland, California. Issues frequently had article about the employees and various celebrations. In this issue a farewell is noted with a photograph. The cover of this issue shows part of the printing process for "The Open Valve". The bulk of the issue is devoted to magazine production. Sports activities seemed important for the morale of the employees, and softball and bowling are mentioned. A variety of work clothing is shown for men and women. There's an article about Lars A. Olson, in Assembly for Nordstrom Valve. There's a series of photographs of a employees involved in ceramics as a hobbie. There's also an article "Five Polio Precautions Are Listed for Parents". The back cover shows employees in various jobs around the company. Donor's father, Ray Giambruno, served as a reporter on this issue.

Used: employee | Nordstrom Valve Division of Rockwell Manufacturing Co. | Oakland | Business

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