"The Open Valve" was an industrial magazine distributed to the workers of the Nordstrom Valve Division of Rockwell Manufacturing Co., Oakland, California. Issues frequently had article about the employees and various celebrations. In this issue a farewell is noted with a photograph. The cover of this issue shows Boys Scouts and Cub Scouts from Oakland. The feature article is on the Boy Scouts of America 40th Anniversary celebration. There's a short article with a photograph on the Credit Union. Mention is also given to a television appearance and to a stag party (with poker). There's also a large article, with many photographic work portraits "Deaf Mutes Are Capable Craftsmen." A variety of work clothing is shown for men and women. There's an article about Roy Todd, who worked in the Maintenance Department of the company. There's a series of photographs of a Bllod Drive on the back of the magazine.

Used: employee | Nordstrom Valve Division of Rockwell Manufacturing Co. | Oakland | Business

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