A copy of John Muir's book "The Mountains of California" published in 1894 by The Century Company, New York, The DeVinne Press.  The cover of the book is of tan buckram, the title and author are printed in metallic gold, the motif in the center is printed in metallic gold and green, a wreath of pine needles and pine cones surround a cartouche featuring a mountain with a rising sun.  Inside (paper-white, printing-black) features sixteen chapters on topics from The Sierra Nevada, to sheep, to bees.  The illustrations vary from photographic images to ethchings and line drawings.  381 pages.  This particular copy is of significance because it is autographed by John Muir.  Also written in the book is the name of C. S. Cousins (Charles S. Cousins) who owned the book, County Recorder of Contra Costa County, who lived in Martinez.

Used: Charles E. Cousins | Martinez

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