Photo shows an automobile race at the Oakland Speedway. The cars are "hard tops" meaning they are regular, not midget, race cars. The photo shows a major collision on the track, with cars jammed into one another. The #180 car is on its side and #4 is facing the wrong direction on the track. Advertisements along the back wall of the track say, "Belfast Beverages," "Miller's Frankfurters sold here," "Lee's Speed Shop Everything in Speed Parts 1143 E. 14th St. Oakland," and another partial advertisement for an auto upholsterer. Two men, possibly racing officials, are standing above the racetrack on a platform with railings. According to Tom Motter, Russ Reed won an award for sports photo of the year from Life Magazine for this shot. Also according to Tom Motter, the driver of the #4 car, facing the wrong direction in this shot, was Bill Maher who was the champion driver in 1952.

Used: unknown

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