Photo shows a bedroom in the Delger mansion. The largest piece of furniture in the room is an elaborate, possibly mahogony, bed covered in a lace coverlet. Next to the bed and against one of the walls are two arm chairs. Against the far wall is a fireplace with a clock sitting on the mantle. Next to the fireplace is a built in wash stand (actually looks like a modern bathroom sink with counter and cabinets under it.) Above the sink is a mirror with a piece of fabric drapped across the top. The carpet on the floor has a flower and ivy pattern. The ceiling and moldings around the top of the walls are decorated with a flower and ivy pattern similar to the carpet. A chandelier hangs from the center of the room. A door is open near the fireplace showing a hallway and another room. (D. Curry, 8/12/99) Inez Brooks-Myers pointed out that the sink is marble.
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