12.5 in HIGH x 12.25 in WIDE x 3 in DEEP
(31.75 cm HIGH x 31.11 cm WIDE x 7.62 cm DEEP)
The Richard T. Dobbins Collection, Judith P. Dobbins

Ernest Natalia Lombardi, 1927 Oaks

Catcher's mitt used by Ernie Lombardi while he was a catcher for the Oakland Oaks in 1927, the year in which the Oaks won the PCL championship. In 1931 Ernie went up to the majors to return to the Coast league seventeen years later. Lombardi, nicknamed "The Schnozz," despite the fact that he was not a runner with a career 8 stolen bases in 1853 games, Lombardi compliled a .306 average over seventeen National League seasons. Lombardi swung the heaviest bat in both the major league and the coast league and captured the MVP award in 1938 with a .342 mark. Ernie went on to become the only major league catcher to win two batting titles.

Used: Ernie Lombardi

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