Handwritten on the back, "46? L-R 1. Wade James, 2, Wee Willie Jones, 3, Chas. Speck Roberts, 4, Marion Sugar Cain." Typed piece of paper attached to the back, "For use in the chapter Integration. Oakland Larks Pitching Staff: (l-R) Wade James, 'Wee Willie' Jones, Charles 'Speck' Roberts and Marion 'Sugar' Cain. The West Coast Baseball Association, a Negro league, was formed at the end of the War with the teams playing in PCL parks when the Coast League teams were on the road. The league didn't survive, but Oakland became a very good barnstorming team." Photo shows the four men in uniform each wearing a mitt on their left hands. They are all bending forward with their right arms stretched in front of them with a baseball in their hand.

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