20 in|10.5 in|4.5 in HIGH x 5 in|7 in WIDE x 7.5 in DEEP
(50.80 cm|26.67 cm|11.43 cm HIGH x 12.70 cm|17.78 cm WIDE x 19.05 cm DEEP)
Gift of Franklin R. Williams

This croquet set was used first by Edward (Eddie) Luperni who was born and raised in Mt. Shasta. Later it came to his brother-in-law, Franklin R. Williams, who used the set from c. 1950's on in Oakland. A-B:two wooden stakes (goals), A has a red tip and green and black stripes, B has a red tip. C-F: are mallet heads, each painted with a red, a white and a blue stripe. G-J: are the mallets handles: G has a red stripe, H has a tan stripe, I has a green stripe and J has a black stripe. K-N: wooden bals, each painted with red, white and blue stripes going in one direction and another strip crossing those; K has a black stripe; L has a white stripe; M has a red stripe and N has a blue stripe. O-U: are "silver colored" metal wickets. V: Is the wooden box in which the entire set is stored. It has a hinged lid and a single hook latch; the wood on the inside is raw, with the saw cuts visible. Croquet is an outdoor game, played on the lawn. It enjoyed popularity in the middle of the 19th century because it was an outdoor activity in which men and women could participate together, and in which they displayed equal skill.

Used: play | Recreation | Mt. Shasta | Edward Luperni | Franklin R. Williams | Oakland

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