1st Prize Grades K-5
April, 1998
16.25 in HIGH x 16 in WIDE
(41.27 cm HIGH x 40.64 cm WIDE)
Gift of Kaiser Elementary School, Tom Rust, Teacher

This quilt Block was the First Prize winner for Grades K-5 in the P & B Textiles/Oakland Museum of California Quilt Block Competition for students (K-12) in Alameda County, 1998. The block has no title, but is in a California Gold Rush theme. It was made at Kaiser Elementary School, Oakland, Tom Rust, teacher. The creative 3rd and 4th grade students who made the block are Noelle Bugja and Tesha Marinkovich. The three P & B Textiles/Oakland Museum of California fabrics used are a blue quatrefoil, a yellow, green and soft red geometric print, and a yellow fabric printed with light red and red acorns and oak leaves. The red and yellow and blue and blue prints are used as vegitation in the area in which the miner is panning for gold. The background is done in baby blue flannel for the sky and brown suede cloth for the ground. The geometric pattern is used as a frame around the edge of the quilt block. The image is of a miner standing near a stream; he's holding his pan in which are gold nuggets (sequins). He's wearing the blue on blue fabric as his hat and the red on yellow fabric as his neck kerchief. He's got a brown beard, red shirt, blue jeans and brown boots that have folded over at the top. In the sky is a round, yellow sun with gold metallic thread stitched in place to represent the rays of the sun.

Used: competition | P & B Textiles | Oakland Museum of California | Quilt Block Competition

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