20th century
30 in HIGH x 9.5 in WIDE x 9.5 in DEEP
(76.2 cm HIGH x 24.13 cm WIDE x 24.13 cm DEEP)
Gift of Chang Wen Ti

Attributed by Mr. Sidney Ashkenazie of Ashkenazie & Co., 1983: "One massive pair of jadeite lanterns. Both lanterns are shown with the top portion of a rounded form with a rimmed open mouth. The motif is of a Quan Yin on cloud formations in a bold relief workmanship. The Quan Yin is on a phoenix bird which is depicted in flight. The large pagoda is also carved in bold relief. The base area is tiered and stylized to fit the lantern portion. The hollowed out lantern is securely designed to fit on top of the base.  The colouration is apple green and lavender with darker patches of lavender. The base is enamel and cloisonné on wood with gold gilt decorations."
(a) globe; (b) column; (c) base

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