early 20th century
1.625 in HIGH x 16 in WIDE x 10.25 in DEEP
(4.13 cm HIGH x 40.64 cm WIDE x 26.03 cm DEEP)

Gift of Chang Wen Ti

Jadeite Mah Jongg set cut entirely of water-clear green jadeite.  Consisting of 136 pieces, it includes jade dice and banker's cards.  This set was designed by Chang Wen-ti and presented to the museum in memory of his second wife, Chang Shih Wen-yi.

Attributed by Mr. Sidney Ashkenazie of Ashkenazie & Co., 1983: "Complete set includes 64 pieces of an even size and formation in fitted rectangular box. Mahjong set shows symbols on each cube in blue enamel with red colouring. Circle part is in three separate pieces forming a disc. Four separate square dice are included. Chinese workmanship. 20th century."

Tiles stored in large fabric covered box. Cards and dice are stored in a small seperate box with similar fabric.

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