Untitled ceramic sculpture of stoneware, reduction fired with black and white engobe surrounding opening in upper portion of the piece.

Ruffle Bracelet

This is a bracelet made from recycled, vintage steel tin. According to Sue Baizerman, the preciousness of the images on the tin contrasts with the humbleness of the material. On the reverse is a...

late 20th century to early 21st century

This is a textile and mixed media sculpture of a ball of string. The form is created with a polystyrene form wrapped with fine strands of hemp. The ball is dip dyed with the majority of the...


Hinged silver bracelet with gold wash and bluish-white and orange Mexican fire opals. Contains 5 orange fire opals and 3 bluish-white. Bracelet is hinged in three places making three larger pieces...

c. 1952

Silver earrrings; each has a single pearl attaached to it and is suspended from a screwback.


Silver earrings with evenly spaced protrusions on component parts


Silver triangular earrings with a smaller triangular shape and bars attached to larger triangular; suspended from a screwback.


fiber Twigs, telephone and electrical wire, plastic and cotton strings Basket is made by catching twigs and cords with yarns. Beth Szuhay, Textile Conservator


Transparent hand blown light blue glass bottle. Bottle has smooth flared shape, wide at bottom and narrow at neck, with a wide 3/4" lip. Base of neck is decorated with four horizontal bands or...

c. 1970

Per gift agreement:

Beads are attached to a central silver form. A black glass pin decorates the end of each bead attachment (a replacement bead is on file). The dynamic, asymmetrical form...


large rug with an orange and yellow "labyrnth" design.

c. 1970

Small lidded wooden box with lid made of dark wood. The top has an oval shaped mirror and is craved reminiscent of a topographical map. The oval mirror serves as a lake on the map. It is lined...


White cardboard box (inner portion of an acrylic box frame?) with a green glazed folded copper rectangle, in the shape of an envelope, mounted to the top center. Fred Ball has signed beneath the...


Made in Oakland

Notes from Sylvia Bennet (wife of the artist and donor of the chair) re: the chair:

"This walnut chair has short, curved arms, which adjoin the back rail/backrest....


(23 K Brass) Front of the necklace reads: "Eat @ Sylvia's", written by Garry in what appears to be pencil.


Clear green hand blown glass bottle. Bottle is wider at the bottom and narrows to a small spout. Body has a scalloped shape. At top there are four extensions from the neck acting as handles....


Folded basket made of natural bark paper. Basket has a multi-tagonal shape with a square opening at top.


Basket woven from clear plastic tubing. Square base with round opening.


Covered basket woven from ash splints covered with a transfer print of rice paper. Basket itself is blue, top is brown, and transfers on sides are green on white.

Netted Newspaper

Rectangular weaving made of newspaper strips wrapped in plastic; woven through a looping and wrapping method.


This is table with a tiled top and base. The legs are blue ceramic.


This is a textle by Emily DuBois inspired by the twinkling lights and their reflection in Lake Merritt. The mercerized cotton threads were bound then treated with bleach (ikat) and painted. Paint...


Jacquard woven textile. Repetative print of an animal (?) figure holding a flag throughout. The fabric is divided into three sections of color: red, pink and white. Figures are gold on the red...

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