Ronnie Digs Dick
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster has black ink printed on white paper with an image of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan shaking hands wearing only their undergarments. At the bottom of the poster is "Ronnie Digs Dick".

You CAn Forget Almost Anything

Poster is printed on white paper. Poster is a calendar for 1989. At the top of the poster is black text that reads: "You Can Forget Almost Anything / But Don''t Forget To Look For The Union Label...

The pre-parade party
c. 1981

One pink poster with black text, "The pre parade party, Ryan Idol live, Saturday June 27..." The bottom right corner has the crown logo of the Colossus club on Folsom Street in San Francisco. On...

c. 1999

One white poster with black print. At the top of the poster is "Buns, Friday, July 23." Beneath that is a color image of a man with a bare chest wearing gray underwear with "$100.00 cash prize" in...

Jungle: Los Angeles
c. 1980

One poster with a large black border. In the center is a color image of a dirt smeared man wearing white underwear standing among plants with bloody cuts across his chest. Beneath the image in red...

c. 1994

Poster consists of black and red print on white paper. Image depicts a giant pair of men's underwear with a small human figure to the right of them, all in a red square. Under the image is the...

Advertisement for Joe Boxer. Image of a woman wearing pearls and sunglasses with big ratted hair and the words "Joe Boxer" in white writing on the side.


Invoice/Statement. Description: Off-white paper, black graphic of store building in top left corner, black printing "H. C. Capwell Co.", Oakland, in pencil om bottom "As requested", sold to Mrs....


Depiction: Two men are being arrested, each by two police officers, during a protest at the Vandenburg Air Force Base. One man is wearing only his underwear. The men stand in the middle of a...

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