redwood heights neighborhood

ca. 1910-1916

"Swett School, 1911" class portrait; (on back) "October 3, 1911, May, Gladys Brucker, blank, Windle Fry, Kenneth Davies, Daniel, Howard Hardie, Eugene Baker, Bessy, Edith, blank, blank, blank,...

ca. 1870-80

Report card. Description: Report card, third grade, for Gertrude Maurer of the Thompkins School. Condition fair.


Report card. Description: report card 1882 from Thompkins School.with envelope

1879 and 1881

Certificates. Description: three certificates of promotion, 1879 and 1881.

May 29, 1884

Diploma. Description: Department of Public Instruction, Oakland 1881 graduation from High School to Thomas Irving Miller.


The area shown on this map is north and west of the Hooker and Camden Tract; there are no streets or named boundaries given. The area has been divided into portions that either are numbered or...


Real estate brochure with map and illustrations of the Fremont Tract in Oakland


John Swett Grammar School in Oakland was named after John Swett, pioneer educator in California.

Photograph. Description: (7a) Black and white photograph, slightly our of focus, of seven people, three in the wall-pool from house, 4271-39th Ave, Fruitvale, CA (7b) Black and white photograph...

(top row) "Swett School, East Oakland; Chabot Observatory; Lafayette School, West & 18th Sts.; (middle) Garfield School; (bottom row) Cole School; Oakland High School; Clawson School"....


Envelope reads, "Swett School. 1912 Yearbook." Negative shows the exterior of a three story building. Several trees in the yard in front of the building. A stone fence surrounding the property...

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