world war ii


Clipping on the back, "Dec. 7, 1942-Registration for defense classes is one of the many services of the AWVS. Shown here as she greets a registrant for sheet metal work, Mrs. Astrid Wallace (...

Italian Americans

Handwritten on negative envelope: "Shipyard End of Day Shift at Yard 1 Sept, 1943"

CA. 1942
Macdonald, Miscellaneous Street Items|Woman Standing in front of Richmond Cafe
ca. 1942

Handwritten on negative envelope: "Macdonald Miscellaneous Street Items Contains 1 good "Conversation" Refer to #6 Richmond" Note written in Catalog Sheet Volume 5: "-...

ca. 1943

Handwritten on negative envelope: "New California - note People scattering after work & Race relations around yards"

Spring 1942

Handwritten on negative envelope: "Consumers Spring 1942 Oakland, 10th St Market (Continued) (How many times did I try this and not get anywhere?)"

Note in Catalog Sheet Volume 5 indicates...

Richmond - School Children - Every Hand Up Signifies A Child Not Born in California
ca. 1942
ca. 1943

Handwritten on negative envelope: "El Cerrito trailer camp. "Do Not Disturb - Night Worker Sleeping"

ca. 1943

Handwritten on negative envelope: "On the way to work (swing shift) Just across the street from Gate of Yard 2."

Street Scenes - Metropolitan Oakland|Rooms for Rent - Metropolitan Oakland
circa 1942
Honoring the Oglala Lakota Veterans of Word War II

Poster has a blue printed background. Across the top is "Honoring the Oglala Lakota Veterans of WWII" in yellow. Below the text is a stylized image of a group of North American Indians riding...

untitled (American flag graveyard)
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster has a neon image of a dead tree with pink drops coming from the branches in front of a yellow sun on a purple sky, rooted in an American flag with crosses on the crests of small hills with...

Remember Dec. 7th!

Multi-color poster printed on white paper.  This is a reproduction of an artwork by Allen Saalburg originally produced as a poster in 1942 by the Office of War Information in remembrance of...

America Rising
c. 2001

Multi-color poster shows a reproduction of an artwork based on historical photograph with three scenes that transition into one another. An image of soldiers raising the American flag at Iwo Jima...

1983 Bill of Rights Day Celebration

Poster is printed on gray paper with text and images in brown. The top edge of the poster has the text: " 'We must ensure that this will never happen again to any American / just because he looks...

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