Basket cap, red doc., Modoc, N. Calif.--#13

"Conifer root, maidenhair fern stem, alder-dyed woodwardia fern stem, beargrass. Not Modoc as originally catalogued but Lower Klamath River."(...


This is a twinned mush bowl brom the Upper Klamath, probably Yurok peoples, 1900s. Made from conifer root and beargrass with woodwardia overlay. PCK


This is a finely twined basket hat, most likely from the Hupa of lower Klamath or Trinity Rivers.

20th century

This basket hat is from the Klamath River people, most likely Hupa. Basket has three areas of design, which is rendered in light brown, dark brown, and black over pine root. Excellent condition,...


This is a large basket hat from the lower Klamath River peoples, probably Hupa. It is trimed with two bands of bright green and a single band of light brown fret design. The crown of the hat is...

Quiver, white fox skin, red feathers. Very rare. "Not a quiver. Used in ceremonial dances suspended from the end of a pole. Probably highly sought after. Additional materials: mouthpiece...

Hupa Indian basket. Description: Hupa Meal Tray basket, flaring, done in twined weave. Material: bear grass, woodwardia, maidenhair fern overlay on pine root. Two rows of elvated weave near rim....


This is a twinned fancy day basket from the Karok, Northwest California. Made of woodwardia, confer, bracken, and beargrass. PCK

20th century

This is a finely twined basket finished with 12 loops of alternating natural, orange, and maroon colors. Basket is decordated on body with thin bands of red and orange. Four waterbirds or ravens...

20th century

Ovate twined basket, finely woven. Rim is somewhat irregular. Design is innovative. Most likely Hupa from Trinity to lower Klamath rivers. PCK

20th century

Finely twined basket, most likely made by Hupa. Has very slight fraying at rim. PCK

20th century

This is a small Klamath River Indian basket, probably Hupa. It has a coiled rim, followed by a section of open weave, followed by a regular twined section overlaid with beargrass and fern. PCK...


Finely twined Hupa or other Klamath River people basket. Unusal for having flat rather than rounded body. Perhaps made for sale. PCK


Twinned Hupa woman's hat, highlighted with yellow quill of the shafted flicker, Colaptes auratus. 1900-1910. Execellent condition. PCK


This is a Hupa woman's basket hat from the 1920s, twinned, in good condition. PCK

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