Limestone mortar with a ring of asphaltum around the grinding area. Found in Torre Cayon, Big Sur, California. It is probably Esselan (Per P. C. Klieger, Ph D)

Stone mortar with a ring of asphaltum around the grinding area. Found in Torre Canyon, Big Sur, California.

Lot mortar, pestle. The lot includes one round stone mortar and eight pestles or pestles fragments. Some of the pestels show use as a horizontal, or mano type.

1810 - 1840

Mortar. Description: wooden, Mexican colonial.

19th c.

Mortar and pestle, for herb gathering, etc., iron

From the History Information Station:

Object: Chinese steel mortar and iron pestle with wooden handle. The leather collar kept the...

a. Mortar and b. pestle for grinding spices. Material: brass. Shape: Cup on stand. Mortar height: 6", 5" at rim. Pestle height: 8 1/2". Description: Ornamented with design going...

Mortar of stone

Tub shaped, with rounded bottom (JMaas 1/96)

Mortar & pestle. Mortar, shallow & triangular.

collected Dec 30,1910 - Jan 12, 1911

Mortar, stone. Received from: Johnny Tecumseh

Globular shape (JMaas, 1/96)

collected Feb 21 - 25, 1912

Stone bed piece for mortar basket, used in grinding acorns.

"A nice example of this little collected item." (Craig Bates, 10/91)

2Mortar, bowl shaped

"Salinan."(warehouse card)

From the History Information Station

"Object: Mortar (and pestle, 16.3106) collected in San Luis Obispo County, the traditional...

A collection of 22 California charm stones; a pestle with bifurcated top; and two small mortars. Prehistoric. Charm stones are 2.5" to 6" long.

Mortar of stone in two parts. Under foundation of Cong. Church. Found at 12th and Clay Sts.

Mortar, stone; Indian. Excavated in Lakeside Park.

Mortar of stone, dug up in Oakland, Cal., 20th and Franklin Sts. Bottom broken out.

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