grapes ~ fruit

One button pin with "A.W.O.C." and "N.F.W.A." in black priniting on the face and an image of grapes with leaves.

20th century

Fanciful tape measure made in the shape of a basket of fruit (green grapes draped over either end of the basket, purple grapes draped over either side of the basket, with plum, cherries, apple,...


Wilcox and Evertsen mark on the back of the spoon doesn't give indication of a firm date, other than those listed above. Back of spoon is generally plain, although the bear is visible, as are...


Beautiful spoon, with well defined relief work on handle.


Back of spoon handle is also decorated in relief. Bowl of the spoon features a scene of Stanford University in full color enamel.


Small edging of scroll work on the back of the spoon, otherwise it is plain. An illustration of the mineral baths in stockton are etched into the bowl of the spoon.

Cigar sign, "Flyer." $2.50.

a. Orange label, "Air Ship." $1.00 Exhibited: Pioneer Aviation in Calif.", Breuner Gallery June/July 1978.

b. Orange label, "Glider." $1.00 as above....

c. 1940s

A set of fourteen wooden blocks. Each block is carved on two sides, with the design in white and the background in a solid color; the other four sides have numbers or objects stamped on them. A...

Recipe booklet contains candy and dessert recipes that all include raisins. Booklet has approximately 30 pages, with a recipe on the front of each page. Style that pages are printed in is...


Small cup-like glass candy dish that sits on a base of sterling silver. The base has three groupings of grape leaves in bas relief. The glass portion of the dish has six cut starry motifs and...

ca. 1918

Wine label. Description: Mounted on black paper. a. Neck: Banner shape, light green with metallic gold border, green printing: "Select Vintage". b. Body: Rectangular, white ground,...


A: Man's blue denim jacket with "Lee, M.R., Patd. - 153438, Made in U.S.A." label stitched in inside, back yoke. "Lee" also on left breast pocket flap. Fastens down the...

c. 1955-1970

"California Raisin Originals" is a 32 page booklet from the Home Economics Department of the California Raisin Advisory Board, Fresno, CA. It's glossy cover is printed in full color. On the...


Fruit Crate Label. Description: "Roseville Belle Grapes" Full Color lithograph. Lettering in red, center is bell with pretty lady and grapes reflecting in it, background is vineyard view. "Riolo...


The strip of six repeating stickers is red black and white. On the top of the sticker is the UFW emblem of an Aztec Eagle, below there is a red strip with white writing that reads "BOYCOTT GRAPES...


Print depicts a bunch of grapes held in a hand. The grapes are a dark grey color and the hand is a light grey with a white background.


Print depicts a bunch of green grapes held in a hand. The background is a light aqua green color.


Per S.B. - Plaque; stoneware, with blue and white glazes. Freely handbuilt with open spaces. Piece depicts a scene in a rectangular frame. A bearded man with staff appears with two wooly sheep,...


"Fat Pak" brand grape crate labe. Produce of L.R. Hamilton, Inc., Reedley, CA. Depicts obese boy. Blue, yellow, brown. 13 x 3.5". PCK

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