This finely-woven willow twined basket is covered in glass seed beads of red, white, black, yellow, and turquoise blue. According to the seller, it was collected by J.W. Schedel near Reno,...


This is a large basket hat from the lower Klamath River peoples, probably Hupa. It is trimed with two bands of bright green and a single band of light brown fret design. The crown of the hat is...

ca. 1900

Basket cup, deep with glass beads

"Changed from Pomo to Wintun, due to location in Cotina Valley, Yolo Co."(Wilcomb cat.) "Trinket basket."(Dawson,65)[vv,6/91]

"Small gift basket,...

Water bottle - basketry, large

"Probably Paiute."(Reggiardo,79)[vv,6/91]

"Southern Paiute basket water bottle; willow with pitch covering and horsehiar lugs. These water/seed jars...

ca. 1900-1920

Basket for burdens. Twined

"Miwok or Maidu."(LR, 4/79)[vv,6/91]

"Probably Southern Miwok, not Maidu burden basket. Like others made for sale to non-Indians with split shoots,...

Burden basket. Description: Pomo; twined open-work. Consition: Fair, one break near bottom, wooden hoop wired to inside of rim. Remarks: Has cardboard tag with string, but sticker with number...

Indian burden-basket. Miwok Indians (loose weave).

"Distictively Mono Lake Paiute origin, woven entirely of willow. These were obtained in trade by the Southern Miwok, and used by them...


Basket for storage, twined, 13 x 9 in. larger than this! Open work, dec. edge

From the History Information Station:

"Object: Burden basket made of willow shoots by open twining...

Basket bowl. Description: Round;coarsely coiled; tan with dark brown markings on sides and base. Condition:very good. Remarks: has S-38 tag Storage:Great Basin.

"Western Shoshone...

Basket. Description: Possibly from Ruby Valley Reservation, Nevada. COiled, willow, fibers for design have been dyed black, yellow, red, green, flowers and "swastikas" with band at top of...

Basket, pouch shape Miwok Tribe

"This basket may be of Washoe origin and traded to the Miwok. The rim finish is peculiar to the Washoe, and Miwok people are not known to have twined with a...

ca. 1910

Basket. Panamint. California attribution: L. Dawson, 1965.

"Panamint food bowl made of willow and devil's claw; 3-rod foundation - ca. 1910." (Bruce Bernstein/Craig Bates, 7/91)

ca. 1900

Basket. Panamint (type). California--attribution: L. Dawson, 1965.

"Panamint eating bowl made with devil's claw, yucca root and willow - ca. 1900." (Bruce Bernstein/Craig Bates, 7/91)

Basket, conical, twined, used as cap. Old; band dec. in diamonds & zig zag lines of nat. fiber

"Stain sometimes used to enhance design."(Revol,1/79)[vv,6/91]

"Possibly Paiute,...

Basket. Description: Amphora, small, single loop handle, pitch covering. Condition: fair.

"Twined weave, coated with pitch to make watertight. Has one handle."(PR,8/79)[dr,5/91]



Basket bowl made by Ennis Peck, Mountain Maidu weaver. The basket is three-rod coiled on rods of gray willow; the design is unpeeled redbud and braken fern; the sewing element is peeled redbud....


This bowl is of willow and martynia (devil's claw) coiled on a three rod foundation. Of very fine, classic form. Used by the Chemehuevi tribe of the Southern California dessert. Specifically...

Basket. Description: Willow-ware laundry basket, large.

Basket. Description: Small willow with handle, kidney-shaped.

From the History Information Station:

Object: Woven willow basket.

History: Baskets were frequently used to...

ca. 1925

Washoe coiled basket with one rod coiling in willow with spider-like designs


Miniature basket made for sale

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