White Imitates Black

This is a lenticular print that shows text on a white background. The text is printed in black with a san serif font in capitol letters. The image (text) of this work changes in relationship to...


This is a C-print photograph that shows a long exposure of the shoreline of Pyramid Lake. The lake's Pyramid (a tufa formation) appears at bottom right. Diagonal points of light appear in the...


This is a negative image pigment print of the Oregon Coast. Large boulders appear across the center of the image in shallow water near the shoreline. A cloudy sky fills the upper half of the...

Small Fridge #5 (Black Flag)

This is a trompe l'oiel sculpture which looks identical to a small, dorm type refrigerator. On the front is a fake "Black Flag" concert sticker and the brand name on the front is...

Sharon Wild (from the series The Valley)

The social surrealist composition depicts an urban scene of a congested crisscrossing freeway at night. Multiple triangular shaped vehicles contain three large triangular faces, each with closed...


This is an oil and alkyd painting on canvas. The composition is divided vertically in half by light paint on the right, and dark paint on the left. A double row of handprints are positioned...


This is a corrugated cardboard and Masonite rocking chair designed by Frank Gehry for his Easy Edges furniture series manufactured by Easy Edges, Inc.


This is a bronze sculpture of a wicker fan back chair that rests on a square steel base with a mirrored surface.

Nine Reconnaissance Satellites over the Sonora Pass

This is a C-print photograph that shows a long exposure image of satellites in the night sky trailing light in concentric circles.


This work is made from lithograph posters of a lake scene with lily pads and water lilies that are mounted on brown rag board. At top, the phrase, "HOW DO / I LOOK?" is torn into a full sheet...


Screen print on paper depicts a campaign poster supporting Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination for President. A portrait drawing of Obama appears at center over a background colored white...


Ceramic sculpture composed of a blue flat curved form with a spiral form projecting out from one side. The surface has a rough texture with the peaks lightly colored with brown near the base...

Balancing Organs

Meant to be hung with 2003.55.1 and 2003.55.2

Sound Organs

Meant to be hung with 2003.55.1 and 2003.55.3

Sponge (Multi-cellular)

Meant to be hung with 2003.55.2 and 2003.55.3

Everything # 2

Composition includes a female figure with red hair and freckles standing at center in front of a black and white checkered background. The figure wears a black gown with puffed sleeves decorated...

Les Demoiselles D'Avignon (Patrimony Series)

Oil painting on a circular canvas contiains a target-like image of concentric circles in shades of blue, red, orange, and white.

Untitled (patchwork quilt)

This is a small velvet crazy quilt of various colors.


This is a mixed media assemblage of primarily red and tan yarn wrapped around a wood and styrofoam structure.

Styrofoam core with cardboard tube. The core and tube are wrapped with yarns (...


Made in Oakland

Notes from Sylvia Bennet (wife of the artist and donor of the chair) re: the chair:

"This walnut chair has short, curved arms, which adjoin the back rail/backrest....

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