webster street


Views of Oakland in the 1870's. Oakland and Berekeley. Stereoscopic.

ca. 1925

(On back of photo) "2929 Webster Street, Oakland, no longer here." Description: black and white photograph of a brown shingle home (2929 Webster Street, Oakland, California) with two small palm...

Stereoptican view, (copy of museum specimen, made by donor.). Oakland, Calif. Grand Central Hotel. "Grand Central Hotel, Oakland, this is a copy made by Mr. Ray Jones of an original owned by OPM...


Print, Early Oakland. Webster from 20th--1884

(On back of photo) "Forrest 2703 Webster, b. 1876, ca. 1930's"; negative also; (on negative envelope) "2703 Webster St., Oakland - built 1876 - photo ca. 1930's - Forrest"

"Forest, 2703 Webster St., (built) ca. 1876"

Picture, photograph. "Grand Central Hotel, 1870, burned 1880"

(D. Cooper, 3/2000) This image appeared in "Oakland Revisited" with the following caption: "Grand Central Hotel, 1870,...

"Dietz Opera House, 12th & Webster Sts., n/e corner, Dietz and Dewey Opera House"; negative also. Photograph. Black and white copy print with wide white border.

"Grand Central Hotel, 12th & Webster"; negative also; notice "S. Splivalo & Co., Grand Central Grocery", lower right corner. Photograph. Description: Black and white copy print with...

"The Grand Central Hotel, Oakland"; information regarding hotel and its advantages on the back of postcard. Photograph. Description: advertising card with description of hotel on back. Also an...

Photograph. Mosswood Park located at 3612 Webster. Black and white prints, v - 7 3/8" x 9 1/2".

(4/2002, G. Weininger, from DeWitt Jones, Oakland Parks and Playgrounds, 1935):



Panoramas. Description: 7 section panorama of Oakland




Panoramas. Description: 5 sections of a panorama of downtown Oakland.

Dimensions: 41 x 28"; 41 x 31"; 30 x 31"

(6/2002, G. Weininger) from Beth Bagwell, Oakland: The Story of a...


30 x 31"



ca. 1870

Photographs (2). Date: Late 19th century. Description: Harmon House and Conservatory from Webster Street, Oakland. Black & White print, 5 3/4 x 8" mounted on ivory board. Subject...


"12th St. & Webster in 1914, Dietz Opera House"

(K. Schriefer, 6/94) A sign on the facade of the building, above the porch awning, reads: For Mayor Thomas Booth.


30 photographs from husband's collection. He worked for PGE. Acc.# 4621.16 shows "Fire near Dietz Opera House at 12th & Webster in 1886"


"Grand Central Hotel at 12th & Webster. Burned Mar. 2, 1880"


shows "Broadway & Webster in 1889"

"Grand Central Hotel of Oakland, destroyed by fire, 2:30 a.m., 3/9/1881, Oakland's first large hotel"


Photographic prints, of pictures of early Oakland from museum files. List in Oakland Tribune File. Acc.# 26.2328I is (on back of photo) "Dietz Opera House, 12th and Webster, Oakland, Calif., 1870...

Photograph, Grand Central Hotel

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