oak street

Built 1858

"Malachi Fallon Home, built 1858, 7th St., between Oak & Fallon Sts., since 1890, Chabot Home for Girls, purchased by funds furnished by Anthony Chabot"

P Mendelsohn 10/01


(On back of photo) "Malachi Fallon home, b. 1858, 7th and Oak Sts., ca. 1930's"; negative also; (on negative envelope) "Malachi Fallon Home - 7th & Oak St., Oakland - built 1858 - photo ca....

Oak Street between 7th and 8th St. Looking north.

ca. 1918

"Home (mansion) (27 rooms) of Arthur H. Browne, his wife Claire Du Four Browne, and son Arthur Du Four Browne. Address, 1555 Oak St., Oakland, Calif., this picture given by wife Thelma E. Browne...


This black and white glossy photograph, backed in linen, with a margin on the proper right, puched with three holes, shows the Alameda County Court House under construction, from the west side of...


Oak Street Park.

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