land development


Description: A small group protests the building of condominiums in their Oakland neighborhood. Picket signs read, "Stop greedy developers," "No monster buildings here," Housing yes......

ca. 1920

Booklet. Description: Brown paper cover "Lake Drive Homes, 244 Lakeside Drive, Oakland", bound with a bright yellow cord, three holes punched for cord, inside features interior shots and floor...

ca. 1918

Poster. Description: Large horizontal half-tone lithograph of a housing development. Grey/green ink on white paper. Top right corner of front side has an oval title label: "This shows the...


letter/floor plan. Description: A letter and floor plan of 244 Lakeside Frive. A letter advertising the availability of apartments at 244 Lakeside Drive. The reverse side shows a floor plan of...


Ink blotter. Description: 13 ink blotters with assorted advertising.


Ink blotter. Description: 13 ink blotters with assorted advertising.

four 4 x 6 cards of Fred Reed Co.,; ads, cooperation, to be distributed to salesmen.

(DC 7/92) The four cards exhort real estate salesmen to sell property in Country Club Heights; full of...


Brochure, "Beverly Terrace and Hollywood - On the Beautiful Scenic Foothill Blvd. of Oakland, Ca." Talcott Land Co., owners.


Brochure "Piedmont by the Lake", birds-eye view and subdivision map.

(jl 3/93) According to the Tract List for Northern Alameda County, this tract was filed in 1906, it is located in...

circa 1910-1920

Brochure with birdseye view of Eastlawn subdivision in Oakland, Frank K. Mott Co., Sales Agents.


Pamphlet, "M. T. Minney, East Oakland Electric Loop Properties" - Iveywood and Iveywood Extension.


Real estate brochure with map and illustrations of the Fremont Tract in Oakland

c. 1920
Sept. 27, 1911

Invitations to and menues of banquets and receptions. 1903, 1905-1909. 1911-1914 inclusive

(DC 7/92) B: Booklet bound with red string, nicely printed, color image of Oakland and ship on...


Donated by Charles Howard-Gibbon who received the materials in this collection from his grandfather. Alan Howard-Gibbon came to California in 1924 from Victoria, British Columbia. He was 37 years...

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