Limestone mortar with a ring of asphaltum around the grinding area. Found in Torre Cayon, Big Sur, California. It is probably Esselan (Per P. C. Klieger, Ph D)

Stone mortar with a ring of asphaltum around the grinding area. Found in Torre Canyon, Big Sur, California.

Lot mortar, pestle. The lot includes one round stone mortar and eight pestles or pestles fragments. Some of the pestels show use as a horizontal, or mano type.


Description: Painting, Series 8.5.97 #10 Abstract painting with different tones of gold, with reddish-brown splashes over it. Matted showing raw edges of painting, in white with new gold frame....

Necklace made of stone white beads, with blue glass beads and red glass beads. It also has three silver round beads. Collected in Clearlake area.

Beaded necklace made of white stone beads, insterspersed with red glass beads; there are two blue beads near the center. The necklace is finished in the neck with two gold color round beads and a...

Old Spanish-Mexican filter of carved stone. Brought from Mexico for use in California

From the History Information Station

Object: Water filter carved from volcanic rock. The...


A: Small cap pistol of silver colored metal, with a cross hatched handle grip, a red star on either side and the word "Trooper." B: Tan leather holster resembles tooled leather; has a...

19th century

Amulet, ring shape carved. Represents reptile

"Segmented worm-like creature, with two cross hatched beaver-like tails, biting its tail. Northern Northwest Coast, possibly Tlingit, 19th...

Adze (chisel crossed out)

"Tangless, quadrangular adze blade." (William Davenport, 2/95)

"Adze blade. Hawaii. Typical. Agree with Davenport's cataloguing. Poll may be broken." (...

Axe, gray stone, unmounted

"Smooth sides. Beveled edge." (gray notebook)

"Adze, N. Zea, Dr. K. Emory, Bishop Museum, 27-XII-62" (gray notebook)

"Tangless, quadrangular axe...

collected Sept 29 - Nov 28, 1911

Cooking stones, for cooking in baskets. Received from: Capt. George Barber

collected Sept - Nov 28, 1911

Acorn anvil of wood with stone hammer. Used to crack and hull acorns. Received from: Capt. George Barber

"One of the few extant acorn cracking anvils." (Craig Bates, 7/91)


Mortar of stone

Tub shaped, with rounded bottom (JMaas 1/96)

Pestle, stone, symmetrical.

Cylindrical, with rounded ends; rough finish (jm 1/96)

collected prior to June, 1915

Celt, stone (defective). 2897 to 2910 $15.00

Mortar & pestle. Mortar, shallow & triangular.

collected Dec. 30, 1910 - Jan. 12, 1911

Pestle, stone, small. Received from: Mrs. Kilbar

Tapered, cylindrical (JMaas 1/96)

collected Dec 30,1910 - Jan 12, 1911

Mortar, stone. Received from: Johnny Tecumseh

Globular shape (JMaas, 1/96)

Stone pestle, phallic form. Very rare.

"Chumash. 1908 Expedition."(warehouse card)

"St. Nicholas - Gabrieleno."(Lowell Bean, 7/92)

Also called ringed pestle (JM 1/96)

Pestle, stone

"Chumash."(RS, 3/79)

"Grinding as versus a pounding instrument."(Lowell Bean, 7/92)

Cylindrical shape (JM 1/96)

collected Feb 21 - 25, 1912

Stone bed piece for mortar basket, used in grinding acorns.

"A nice example of this little collected item." (Craig Bates, 10/91)

2Mortar, bowl shaped

"Salinan."(warehouse card)

From the History Information Station

"Object: Mortar (and pestle, 16.3106) collected in San Luis Obispo County, the traditional...

collected April 18-28, 1914

Acorn hullers, stone. For cracking acorns. Received from: Edgar Wooldridge.

Acorn anvil. For cracking shell of acorns. Received from: Edgar Wooldridge.

From the History...

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