Sept. 1 to Oct. 1, 1904

Reverse advertises the "Oakland Journal", The only German Newspaper in Alameda County. Book and Job Printing in all modern languages. Office: S.W. Corner Seventh and Webster Streets, Telephone,...

May 1 to June 1, 1904

Reverse is an advertisement for Smith & Whyte Co., Good Groceries, 9th and Washington Sts., Oakland. A solicitor will call if desired. Give us a trial. Free Delivery. Phone Main 66.


Booklet, "Friendship." Compiled by Paul Elder. San Francisco and New York, Paul Elder and Company. Copyright 1903 by Paul Elder and Company. The Tomoye Press. Paperback, title and image of...

Lucca Restaurant
c. 1936-1943

This matchbook is printed in a horizontal format "Lucca World Famous Restaurant" across a pink rectangle, with a green globe of the world in the center. "European Frozen Desserts...

A. Sabella, Sea Food
c. 1938-1943

The outside of this matchbook is blue, printed in metallic gold. On the front, under the portrait of a large fish: "A. Sabella, Sea Foods, Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco." One...

City of Paris

This red, white and blue matchbook features the "City of Paris" on the front (with the store's crest). On the top: Paul Verdier, Pres." On the back is the Tower of the Sun (...

Grison's Steak & Chop House
c. 1940

The front of the matchbook has white lettering on a blue background: " Grison's Steak & Chop House." The top reads: "Kansas City corn-fed beef used exclusively." The...

Golden Pheasant
c. 1947-1956

The cover of this matchbook is aqua color, with a black ring in which is printed, in metallic gold, "The Golden Pheasant." A pheasant is illustrated, standing on the ring, just above...

Trader Vic's
c. 1945-1954

This matchbook as a slightly glossy exterior printed mostly in yellow, blue and green. The front reads: "Trader Vic's" Tropical Drinks (the last three words are printed in red)....

Hollywood Canteen

This gray cardboard matchbook is printed in red, white and blue. On the front, printed in blue across a red and white striped banner is "HC" (standing for Hollywood Canteen). In white...

Aug. 12, 1905
Zombie Village
c. 1945-1952

The outside of this matchbook is design with a horizontal format, so the words "Zombie Village" and the beach scene of "tropical type" buildings and the palm trees run from...

Forbidden City
c. 1942-1950

This white matchbook is printed in black. On the front is a photo image of a Chinese American man "Darn Clever These Chinese." On the top: "363 Sutter Street, San Francisco....

Earl Carroll Theatre Restaurant
The Palomar
c. 1938-1942

The outside of this matchbook features two light blues as background. On the front: "The Palomar Cocktail Lounge, Dance to the music of nationally known orchestras, Vermont Ave. at 3rd...


Book of photos- The New San Francisco - 2 years after the Fire

JAN, 1859



Sweatshirt with the Los Angeles Aftershocks! logo; it is gray, made of cotton, with a hood and pockets in front. This basketball team was Los Angeles Stars until the beginning of the 2005 season,...

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