An Inquiry Into The Police Tactics of The State

Poster is printed with a large stylized drawing of the fa?ade of a classical style building in red, pediment has the text: "Tribunal" in white, and there are a number of stylized fists rising...

South Bay Summer Cruise & Coronation 1975

Poster is printed on white paper e\\with text and images in black. The top edgew of the poster has the text: "South Bay Summer Cruise & Coronation 1975 / June 8th / Pacific cruise from Long...

c. 1915

Unused postcard of the ballroom at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles. The ballroom is ornately decorated and massive in size, as the tiny size of the chairs along the background wall indicates....


Exterior of Sweet's Persian Gardens before it opened to the public. Located at Grand Avenue and Webster Street.

Hotel Oakland, interior of the Ball Room.

Hotel Oakland, interior view of Ball Room.


Hotel Oakland Ball Room 1915.

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