c. 1934

Lange Problem #9. Three negatives only two accession numbers (67.137.7594 -.7595). 67.137.7595 has been changed to .7595.1 and this negative has been assigned .7595.2

Pledge of Allegiance|One Nation Indivisible|One Nation Indivisible, San Francisco|Pledge of Allegiance at Rafael Weill Elementary School a Few Weeks Prior to Evacuation, San Francisco
ca. 1942
They're not 'just a bit of trim'
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster has a gray and white background with "they''re not ''just a bit of trim''" printed in black and red at the top of the poster. At the bottom left is a brown rabbit with white dashed lines...

Here's the rest of your fur coat
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster has a background image of a woman in red lipstick and a black dress holding a dead and skinned fox up with her left hand - standing in front of a black background. Red and white PETA logo...

Intimate Friends: A musical celebration of the Gay and Lesbian lifestyle

One black and white poster printed on glossy photo paper. Background image of sheet music bars with the text over the bars. "Intimate Friends (printed in red with the "S" in the shape of a treble...

Les amis: Toklas et Stein

One poster with black print on tan paper. Image depicts two elderly women, Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas, in coats and hats, standing in an embrace. At the top is "Les Amis:" and at the...

Native Americans, the Northeast

Multi-color poster printed on white paper has a brown background in the style of handmade paper. "Native Americans" is printed at top above a trompe l'oeil piece of cream colored paper that...


From "Murphy, Mrs. George Wife of Actor See George Murphy" folder. From caption on back of photograph: "Mrs. George Murphy." Photograph of Mrs. George Murphy, sitting and looking away from the...


Lange Problem #4. This is evidently Lange's personal copy negative. The original negative is 67.137.7511.

 (Bust Portrait of a Young Gentleman)|Geometric/Scroll

Union case (brown), sixth-plate; geometric/scroll (Krainik #276). Ornate oval mat, purple velvet insert. Paper label for S. Peck intact.


from work print collection


Tribune caption on the back, April 5, 1992, "An African bug coat by Janet Lifkin of Richmond is part of a wearable art display at the Sun Gallery, 1015 E. St., Hayward through May 2. The exhibit...


Depiction: Close up of a cute, young girl. She is maybe 7 years old. She is holding a little candle and is looking up into the camera and smiling. She is wearing a little peacoat and has long...


Image depicts Scott Weakley sitting in an office, his daughter Jillian standing over him. From the Oakland Tribune Collection

Nov. 1902

DA raid at 1281 64th Street, Oakland. Group of seven people in front room of the raided house, five men and two women. Two of the men and one of the women are hiding their faces. All are seated...


A newspaper published by Butterick Publishing Co. who also make the patterns for sewing the garments. Paper advertises Spring styles for 1904. The paper is dated March, Volumn LIV. No. 3, and the...


A man dressed as a policeman is wheeling a man, wearing a black felt hat and a vest, in a wheelbarrow. The wheelbarrow has an iron wheel and it looks well used. The policeman is wearing a domed...

c. 1917

Clipping on the back, March 4, 1945-- "Sponsors at the sextuple launching. Left to right, they are: Miss Nathalie Byington, Mrs. J.A. Moore, Mrs. G.A. Armes, Mrs. R.S. Moore, Mrs. J.W. Hoover,...


Clipping on the back, December 6, 1944-- "The winner and five runners-up in the recent blood donor contest at the Moore Drydock Company pose in front of the S.S. Fleetwood, 14,000-ton C-2 cargo...


Handwritten on the Back, "L-R, Augie Pedlar, Miss Mildred Doran, unidentified [in black ink] Navy Chief Manley Lawing- later disqualified as navigator, [in pencil again] by plane 'Miss Doran.'"...

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