Dorothea Lange

Supported by government programs and new picture magazines like LIFE, Dorothea Lange and other photographers of the 1930s and '40s created an indelible record of everyday life in difficult times. The Great Depression caused many photographers to consider the camera as an instrument of social change. Foremost among this group was Berkeley photographer Dorothea Lange, whose intimate pictures of people in distress were driven by a deep personal empathy. She continued her intensely personal work after the Depression, creating series on the forced relocation of Japanese Americans during World War II, Irish country life, and postwar suburban California, among many other projects. The Oakland Museum of California houses Lange’s personal archive, a gift from the artist that includes 25,000 negatives, 6,000 vintage prints, field notes, and personal memorabilia. Curators and researchers from around the world visit the Museum to access the Lange collection.


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San Joaquin Valley, 1939

mount board creased on corners, edges of board stained yellow, pin hole u.l. of board


in Lange's hand, on original folder containing this photograph (pencil): On the Road - / see d. r - Labor on the move and by someone else (ink): #37 F...

Drought Refugees

in Lange's hand, on original folder containing this photograph (pencil): On the Road - / see d. r - Labor on the move and by somone else (ink): #37 F 151 prints / Mostly California 1935 / a...


In Lange's hand, on file folder (black crayon): Howard Family

 (Living on wheels)

Unable to find matching negative. Negative probably at Resettlement Administration

Midcontinent 1)Returned from California  2.) Returned

This photograph appears on page 60 of AN AMERICAN EXODUS by Dorothea Lange and Paul Schuster Taylor, 1939. The caption on page 61 is as follows: Canadian County Oklahoma, August 1938 / Returning...

 (Looking for Work)

from work print collection

 (Ten Children)

from work print collection

 (Texas Family)

see A67.137.93534 & .94218 for other photographs of this family from work print collection

 (Oklahoma Refugees)
c. 1935

from work print collection


from work print collection


This is one of a strip of three 35mm negatives cataloged as 67.137.45038.1 through .3


Notes in Catalog Sheet Volume 4 read: Publications a.) AMEX '69-pg 55 CAC-pg. 41 b.) AMEX `69-pg 54 -agricultural depression, years of drought, depopulation


Written on negative envelope: "Metropolitan Oakland 52 (with Dan)"

Richmond|All Night Movie Theatre

Approx. 1.5 inches of the top of the negative have been cut off.

Japanese Owned Grocery Store, Oakland

Lange Problem #159. No Contact or Catalog Sheet.

ca. 1942
Highway West|Highway to the West - US 54 in New Mexico|Highway to the West - US 54 in Southern New Mexico|The Road West, New Mexico
Migratory Cotton Picker, Eloy, Pinal County, Arizona
NOV, 1936

APPROXIMATE DATE: 1936 NOTES: Location: Boise Gallery of Art, 9/85-11/85. ARTIST BIRTH: 1895 ARTIST DEATH: 1965

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