La Pena Cultural Center 25th Anniversary

Poster has a black printed background. On the top edge is "Street Fiesta Enlacalle / Party Enelvencindario" in red and green. Below the text is a stylized, multicolor image of the word with igures...

Fiesta 1986

Poster printed on white paper. At the top is a stylized color image of North American Indian figures and imagery. At the bottom of the poster is "Fiest 1986 / Laguna Gloria Art Museum / Fiesta, An...


Poster has a light blue background with an image at the top of men and women celebrating with music and costumes. Below is a blue area with white text. Poster reads, "Fiesta!/ Muliticultural...

Mexican American Children at a Fiesta

Double-sided poster contains a color photograph of many children dressed in traditional Mexican costumes in an outdoor setting. An older boy helps a younger boy hold up an American flag at center...

Ben Linder Peace Fiesta

Multi-color poster printed on white paper shows a figurative landscape. A blue line within yellow ground extends from center left upward to the horizon line at center where it meets two green...


Two Mexican American female, and two male, Mexican American dancers are performing on stage at the Oakland Museum at its annual Mexican Aemrican fiesta

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