Large dance bid for the February 14, 1891 Oakland Bricklayers' Association dance and reception, held at Germania Hall. "Sixth Anniversary of the Oakland Bricklayers' Association, at Germania...


14th St. Trolley, Oakland, c. 1880's, with horse and buggies on the right

c. 1880

Long wharf, Oakland

Matchbook made for Santa Fe Railroad. It is printed in blue and has the "Santa Fe" logo of a cross in a square printed in white, both on the cover and the back. On the fold part it says: "Travel....


Three tickets to the launching of the "S.S. John E. Wilkie [at] Shipyard Number Two (Permanente Metals Corporation, 1941), Admit Bearer and Party to Launching Platform." These are souvenirs from...


Booklet, "Friendship." Compiled by Paul Elder. San Francisco and New York, Paul Elder and Company. Copyright 1903 by Paul Elder and Company. The Tomoye Press. Paperback, title and image of...

c. 1885

Chinese Girls' Presbyterian Mission Home at 933 Sacramento St. in San Francisco


Political sign on white cardstock, folded and stapled to a wooden post, that reads: "California Loves our Troops" On the reverse it reads:" USA."


Cardstock sign that reads: "Hollywood Does Not Speak for Me. I support Our Troops"


Blue cardstock card, printed in black on both sides. It reads: "Support Our Troops. Boycott the Oscars!!"

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