Warehouse of U.P.R.R. at Laramie City, Grain Stored for Transportation
circa 1868

No 52 Ware House of U.P.R.R. at Laramie City Grain stored for transportation (Scratched on negative). Buildings, train and men also in view.

20th Century

Poster is printed with black ink on brown paper. Top of poster has the text: "BREAD". Bottom of poster has a stylized drawing of three stalks of wheat or other grain bounded by a square border.


Business Invoice. Description: Column ruled paper with printed letterhead: Brooklyn Coal Yard, East Oakland, 1885. 528 East 12th St. C.E. Reed, owner. Sold to Loretz Bros. 1/2 to of C.B....


Bills for merchandise, 1875.

Sept 30, 1876

Bill, Sarpy, Barstow & Co.--Flour, Hay, Grain & Feed. Mrs. fleming Sept 30, 1876.

Bill, Miller & Butler, Flour, Grain and Feed. To Whitney Transfer Co.

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