James Melchert


White/gray porcelain cup with clear glaze. There are three brushstroke marks in green, maroon, and black opposite cup's handle.


White earthenware cup with a narrower neck at top. Side opposite handle has a single decal of an orange, yellow, white and blue butterfly.


White coiled earthenware cup with clear glaze. Letters "nd" printed beneath clear glaze near bottom of cup next to base of handle.


This piece is formed with nine ceramic tiles in a 3 x 3 grid. The tiles are glazed with abstract designs in primary colors on a white background. Three tiles have black glazed line drawings, two...


Two terracotta tiles mounted to plywood with a metal hanger and a small masonite strip to hang flat. Tiles have been reglazed and refired at a low fire. (A) has a beige glaze and a second...


Earthenware white plate (A) with a black square on front. Inside the square is a circle filled with four black dots. Plate comes with a white metal hanger (b).

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