From caption on back of photograph: "Lake Merritt's ducks, refugees from the Northern cold, were having dinner when this cover picture was made by Tribune Cameraman E. A. (Doc) Rogers. The lake...

c. 1920

Handwritten on the back, "Eli Ehinaini(?) Lake Merritt." Photo shows a man wearing a suit and hat with a large burlap bag over his shoulder. He is feeding the various types of birds(mostly ducks...


This is an oil painting on canvas of a still life composition that includes a metal urn and a deceased Mallard duck.


Poster resembles eye chart, but instead of letters, there are animals.


Wooden sculpture incorporating a tree branch. Figure with webbed feet stands on rounded base. Body includes five carved hands painted with insects and pierced with small nails. Carved green duck...


This is one of a strip of two negatives cataloged as 67.137.42010.1 and .2


This is a porcelain lidded bowl. The lid of the bowl is shped like a duck. The base has painted reeds to resemble a pond.


This is a ceramic tile mural consisting of eight square ceramic tiles. It depicts fish in s pond with a wrench, book, pencil, and leaves in the water. The tiles are held together in a cream...

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