crafts and decorative art

20th century

This is a circular Tramp Art framed mirror. The wooden frame surrounding the mirror is constructed with layers of geometric decoration that have scalloped edges.

20th century

This is a wooden Tramp Art frame with tri-petal corners. The decorative elements of the frame have scalloped edges and four small square mirrors are built into the frame at the interior corners...

20th century

This is a decorative object made out of Camel cigarette boxes. The shape of the object is a heart surrounding a rectangular woven mat. The heart is constructed with the brown, yellow, and cream...

20th century

This is a rectangular folded paper frame made out of Camel cigarette boxes. The back of the frame has a built-in folded paper stand.

circa 1930

This is a Tramp Art bottle whimsy that consists of a wooden spinning wheel painted metallic gold inside a glass bottle.

untitled (lamp)
circa 1910

This is a bronze lamp with dragon motifs mounted on a carved hardwood base. The shade is made of mica and has an applied Chinese characters on each panel.

Coffee server

Gold plated silver coffee server with flat-top handle and quatrefoil decoration. Ivory bands appear where the handle meets the chamber of the pot. Domed lid with finial.

c. 1900-1905

Japanese Satsuma footed low bowl of hemispherical shape; white or cream earthenware body decorated allover with polychrome enamels of chrysanthemum blossoms and leaves with fine gilt outlines...


Two seat settee with walnut frame and black leather upholstered seats (originally cowhide).


The "end stopping" is made stiff with glue. The textile is a plain weave with painted image on warps. It is glued to a canvas backing. There are plastic rings sewn to top edge. Beth...

c. 1925-1930

Raised sterling silver globular vase; beveled lip; beveled foot; engraved with leaping gazelle and floral motif.


Bud vase with finger-like extentions worked into two sides of vessel. Greenish brown color.


Vase with oval forms on two sides. In the interior a thread of glass connects these ovals. Lip of vase is shaped to form two openings. Greenish brown color.

coffee pot

Sterling cylindrical coffee pot that narrows at top in vertical thrust; short spout that descends half length of pot; straight squared wood handle with veveled edge at right angle to pot,...


This is a hanging wire sculpture that consists of two intertwined undulating forms.


Egg-shaped blown glass vessel with strands of glass suggesting vines or other organic forms on top. Two openings on upper side. Greenish brown in color.

Crazy Quilt Coffeepot

Small circular - pyramidal form with short spout with ring lip. Circle handle set high up. Attached lid. Clear glass blown with multicolored cane sections to create crazy quilt pattern.

California Loop
#23 Pilchuck Series 1984-86, Summer Sun
1984 - 1986

This is a spherical undulating free-blown glass form.


Sterling silver bracelet cuff watch. The analog watch movement is made by the Elgin National Watch Company, and is set within an ebony trapezoid.


This is a pendant constructed with Sterling silver and gold wire. A fine chain is looped to the ends of a horizontal crescent-shaped bar. An open wire honeycomb form hangs below the crescent...


Forged sterling silver salad servers (spoon and fork)

Amiyose III

Hanging textile made from monofilament, hand dyed black with RIT dye, using plain weave, double, quadruple and tubular weave.

Airline Armchair
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