c. 1970

Raku fired stoneware vase. Vase has a round bottom and a larger oval top. Glaze

l. 19th - e.20thc.

Ginger jar. Description: Stoneware; green glaze; hexagonal, tapered sides w/ high rounded shoulders; panels w/ raised flower designs a & b w/ numerals 340, c & d w/ numerals 530 China....

ca. 1870-1920

Batter pitcher, stoneware, reddish brown glaze inside and outside; small handle across from pitcher spout. Spout is chipped.

From the History Information Station:

Object: Pitcher,...

Conatiner. Description: Large Chinese, brown-glazed stoneware vinegar or soy jar.

Crock churn. Description: Stoneware churn with brown slip glaze, dark brownware base, wooden top. Wooden lid with hole, and dasher.

a: Crock churn.

b: Dark brownware base.


ca. 1870s

Stoneware food storage crock, stoneware handels on each side; stamped "D. Brannan San Antonio 4" on the shoulder. Gray brown glaze with green glaze drips on one side.


Round platter with two faces line drawn with glazes in white, brown, and blue. The rim is decorated with small dots along the surface.

c. 1964

Large flat bowl with light grey outside with two dark stripes. Inside has light grey triangle shapes with rounded edges. Bowl is carved with a cracked ice crackel reduction glaze.

Small vase with a light grey and brown pattern. Made from a reduction glaze.


Small round deep bowl with a light green jade outside with dark brown stripes. Inside is a light green jade pattern with brown and white inlaid stripes.

c. 1958

Small deep bowl with the top edge jagged. The outside has small ridges overall and a black and white pattern.

c. 1950

Medium sized bowl with brown and white stripes around the outside edge. Inside are carved triangle shapes with rounded edges over white and brown stripes.

c. 1950

Round bowl with high foot. Bowl has dark brown background with dark blue stripe around the outside with light blue accents. Inside the bowl is a golden red pattern that resembles drips. Bowl is a...

Small round bowl with a hig foot. The outside bottom is brown with black stripes. The edge of the foot has white glaze that resembles drips. The top edge has white and light brown vertical stripes...

c. 1964

Small round plate with black bottom and patterned top. The center has white and green spots. Made of stoneware, slip cracked while drying. Second glaze applied and wiped away to expose cracks....


Large tuqouise vase with open top and bottom. Each side has a textured oval pattern. Made of a stoneware slab and hand built.

Black Figure Stele

Gray stoneware sculpture in multiple parts. Polychrome stains in pinks and purples.


ceramic icebucket

c. 1960s

Glazed stoneware casserole dish. The sides of the dish are slightly concave and decorated with a pattern of alternating light and dark ovals against a cream background. A blue dome lid fits on...

c. 1955

This is a wheel-thrown stoneware bowl. The exterior is glazed blue and decorated with a light-colored circular motif while the interior is glazed dark brown.

circa 1952-1953

This is a wheel thrown gas fired stoneware bottle with a drawing of a stylized bull on one side. The bottle was decorated using a sgraffito technique, iron oxide/slip, and glaze. The overall...

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