Pink Lady

This is a standing female figure. She is wearing yellow shorts and bra with blue stars and has a monkey in her right arm. Her body is pink, her nails red and she is wearing white thongs or flip-...


Per S.B. - Footed, tall lidded jar; stoneware. An example of Voulkos' series of "faces vases." Galzes: faces are blue, gold lustre defines lower half of face and neck. Black glazes have...

early 1970's

File states that: "Based on other examples of his work, this piece was probably wholly made by Otto, although his wife Vivika's name is carved into the bottom of the piece.


Ceramic stack with round base leading to cylindrical top. Slab-constructed with visible joins. Anagama pit fired with unglazed brown and red varied surface


Wood fired stoneware stack, slab-constructed with open and visible joins. Unglazed tan, red, and brown varied surface.


Large ceramic throne. Black base with green mottled surface. Interior seat and back of throne reddish brown. Cracked surface, slab-constructed with visible seams.


Low fired ceramic sculpture consists of three curved cylindrical forms. The largest piece (A) has an almost heart-shaped flat top and three inward curving sections near the bottom. The second...


This plate is signed "Prieto" but it is unclear which Prieto it is. The plate is of a dark reddish-brown clay. The glaze is a milky brown with red areas on the center portion of the plate.


low stoneware plate. The plate is an olive-brown color with dark black speckles. The rim is dark reddish brown. The glaze is olive.


Stoneware vase with brown earth-tone glazes. Bulbous vase with a very thin neck and a small flat round spout.


Stoneware 'mask.' Shaped like a mushroom, back is flat with a hollowed out center and a wire for mounting to the wall.


Pigmented stoneware and porcelain clay sculpture on a painted white wooden (particle board) base. Sculpture is in four parts that attach together via copper piping that goes through their centers...


Large stoneware vessel. Found base, bulbous center and a lip rim. Pot is textured and has gray glaze on bottom, white glaze on top two thirds and brown brushmarks on sides.


Raku fired black stoneware plate. Rim of plate is hand formed, making the plate oblong with a dent on one side. The dent continues with two parallel lines to a center circle. Crossing the lines...


This is a large habd built stoneware vessel which appears to be made of at least 2 different types of clay. A black clay and a lighter one. The black clay is pigmented with a cobalt oxide.


Stoneware oxide pigmented clay vessel (A) with a square base (B). Vessel has a round bottom, rounded vertical sides, and a wide lip at top. There is a hole in the bottom and a lip around the...


Raku fired stoneware sculpture. Sculpture has a green base with holes on one side and a red cylinder on the other. Three metal colored 'dowels' go through the green base, one extending up and...


Raku fired stoneware tall vase. Vase is cylindrical in shape with pressed vertical bands in sides. It has a 'roof' at top, two holes in the sides. A cylindrical ceramic rod extends up from both...


Large stoneware plate with salt glaze in brown and green. Plate has round base with flared off center sides and two rectangles for handles. Squares or rectangles are pressed into the interior of...

c. 1965

Stoneware hollow brick shaped sculpture with a cutout and drawn in face on the front. Front and back are bulbous while sides are flat. Top corners have holes through which a wire goes through...


Wheel thrown earthenware vase. Vase has a classic form with a round bottom, a wide flared neck and two small handles at base of neck. Vase is brown and is decorated with blue glaze forming...


Hand built stoneware vase or vessel. Bottom has oblong shape with pointed ends (like an eye). Two sides meet at corners and flare up and out, forming an upside down triangle. Corners are seamed...

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