Stoneware round plate. Gray clay with clear low gloss glaze decorated with black angled lines forming a 'W' on one side with two green/gold stripes beneath on front.


Stoneware teapot with lid. Glaze is earthtone: brown, red and gray in color. Pot is oblong in shape with a squared handle. Small lid is square with extended points at two corners.


This is mostly ceramic mixed media wall sculpture depicts an angel and devil figure sitting in front of a log. The devil figure is hooved and has 2 wooden horns taped to his head. He is writing on...

c. 1970

Dark brown stoneware vessel with ten moku glaze. Vessel has four legs extending strait down from the bottom and two looped handles on sides extending up from the rim. Vessel has a round bottom...

Per s.B. - Tall vase; stoneware; narrows to neck and ends in a wide lip. Glazed with thin, borwn overglaze. Marks formed in process of throwing the piece are used decoratively. Four abstract...

c. 1970

Black raku stoneware sugar bowl (A) and cream pitcher (B) set. Both are globe shaped with a white scalloped edge inside which are green glazed stripes. Sugar bowl (A) has and off center cut out...


Large white stoneware vessel with two handles at top. Cobalt glazed spots or dots both inside and out.


Round ceramic plate with a raised edge and a flat rim. Glaze is brush painted and has a gold background with blue pink and brown throughout in an abstract motif.


Large stoneware vase with small thin neck and spout. Vase is flat on the two decorated sides. Decoration consists of a textured spiral in three alternating textures. Inside of spout has a white...

c. 1965

Flat stoneware vase. Vase appears to be in three horizontal sections as if it were three layers of rock stacked in a natural formation. There is a small slit opening at top. Gray glaze has been...


Square stoneware plate with metal hanger. Back is unglazed. Front is black or brown and has a figure in beige on left and red and yellow slip brush strokes to right.


Stoneware large rectangular plate with raised edges. Back of plate is unglazed. Top is glazed brown or black and has a beige figure painted in the center which is scribbled over with red slip....


Elongated barrel shape ceramic pitcher, narrow at base and lip. Parallel lines etched into clay form bands on the body of the piece. Thick, brown, pitted glaze with blisters due to impurities in...


Unusual pale yellow glaze inspired by Chinese pottery. Surface of bowl is uneven with four red-brown colored protrusions. Lower portion of bowl is grey. Edge of bowl is a bluish-grey. One side of...


Matte burnt orange and ivory glaze on upper body of piece is the result of applewood (reduction) firing. There is loose brushwork on this portion in black. Lower portion of bowl is dark brown. Rim...

Late 1940s

Tea bowl is unpainted and has a matte/stoneware finish. Main bowl sits on small rounded base. Outer surface is textured, covered by vertical and horizontal lines making a checkerboard pattern....


Eight birds sculpted from stoneware, tar, sand and stones. All are black and soiled as if they had just come through an oil spill.

ca. 1960s

Footed, ceramic stoneware bowl with detailing around outer edge of bowl. Detail consists of vertical ovals intersected by a straight line down the center. Each oval is separated from the next by a...


low ceramic bowl. olive (speckled) with orange/terracotta lip. There is a cross-hatched texture on the surface of the outside of the bowl.


Untitled ceramic sculpture of stoneware, reduction fired with black and white engobe surrounding opening in upper portion of the piece.


Mixed media installation piece. Consists of a silver ceramic kiln (a), a black porcelain finished power supply (b), a white ceramic cone with black rubber bottom (c), a cylinder of copper wire...


This artwork consists of 2 ceramic gargoyles with belly buttons (?) that light up and a tape player.


Glazed stoneware plate. Plate has gray and cobalt blue glaze. Design in center is a gray circle with a central blue star. To left and right of this are flames or sunbursts with a drawn dragon...

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