Dawn takeoff. Oakland Airport for Honolulu. 1st Trans Pacific Flight Delivery


United Airlines crash off Mills Field


Paper glued to back of mounting reads: "135mm 1/1000 sec. at 6.3, DuPont Superior, Dr. Wolff, no filter, rapid winder, Agfa Projection Proof in D-72, Caption "Miss Hobbs Motor Boat Races on Lake...

c. 1936

people lounging by Lake Merritt

Betsy Willcuts, May 2002

Bibliography: THE HEART OF OAKLAND, A Walking Guide to Lake Merritt by Leslie Flint, Sponsored by the Camron-Stanford House...


Quoting newspaper clipping on back of photograph: "BUDDY BAER, weight 244, Oakland , knocked out Frankie Connelly, 243, Fresno, in seven seconds of the first round of a scheduled six-rounder at...

October, 1949

Taped to the back of photograph is the entry form for "News Pictures of the Year" sponsored by Encyclopedia Britannica Book of the Year and University of Missouri School of Journalism. Caption...


Six day bicyle race at Oakland Auditorium


written on front photograph in pencil: Alameda County Courthouse, Herbert Mitchell

Betsy Willcuts, Feb. 2002

Bibliography: THE HEART OF OAKLAND, A Walking Guide to Lake Merritt by...


written on back of photograph in ink: "Oakland Airport, 1939. 1st Douglas Four Motor Plane."


written on back of photograph in ink: "Oakland Airport, 1939. 1st Douglas Four Motor Plane."

c. 1938

written in ink on back of photograph "Oaklandc City hall with full illumination"


Taped to the back of mounting is an entry for for "News Pictures of the Year" Jointly Sponsored by the Encyclopedia Britannica Book Of The Year and the University of missouri School of Journalism...

ca. 1908

Photograph belonged to great Aunt of donor. Martha Hunter came to Oakland in 1905 from Tucson where she was teaching to Indians at a Presbyterian mission school. She entered Fabiola to train for...


Mounted photographic portrait, horiziontal format, of James William Thomasson (b.1833-d.1911) and his wife, quiltmaker Martha Wright Thomasson (b. in KY or MO, 1835-d.1913).

c. 1885

Oakland Bank of Savings

c. 1885

"Bird's eye view from the Corner of 9th & Washington Sts., looking north"

c. 1885

Bird's eye view of Oakland from the Corner of Ninth & Washington Sts. looking west

c. 1880

Long wharf, Oakland


Sepia photograph taken in the 1925, showing a group of students at the Rochambeau School, located between 24th and 25th Avenues and California and Lake Streets in San Francisco. Although Robert...

November 27, 1899

Photograph. Description: Framed photo of the Oakland Police Department Rifle Team

Object unframed 1/92.

Individuals in photograph: 50-Gilbert, 34-Henderson, 15-Schroder, 36-Arnest, 8...


Black and white, gelatin silver, photograph mounted on dark gray board. Subject of the image is the Oakland Oakes Baseball Team: 14 players are standing in their uniforms with an "O" on the left...


"Oakland Views: Hill Landscape half a mile south of Blind Asylum at Berkeley, Aug. 1890, E.C.W., Photo."; "Oakland Berkeley Hills south of the Blind Home in Berkeley, Aug. 1890". Photograph....


Photograph. Description: physical description is same as 78.86.75, a-b. Image is of multiple story, white, wooden, Italianate Victorian home. Paint peeling. Particularly tall finials. Square...


Photograph. Description: Image is of two story, white, wooden, Mansard style Victorian home. Shutters around all windows, doors. Lower windows partially boarded. Ivy in foreground....

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