April, 1906

Photo prints. Description: San Francisco Earthquake and Fire; (376) images split amongst 4 accession numbers. History: This collection has been split into several sections to reduce the number...

c. 1906

Photo Prints. Description: San Francisco earthquake and fire.


Written below photo: San Francisco, East from Hopkins Institute. Written on back of photo: Worden 1903 2.50.


This black and white photograph features a woman wearing a white shirtwaist (with a black band or ribbon at the neck--white lace edging above that and fastened with an oval shaped pin), a dark (...

b.1876 - d.1916

Photograph, portrait of Jack London, black and white mounted on poster board.

Bibliography: The Beginnings of Oakland, California A.U.C. by Peter Thomas Conmy, Oakland Public Library, 1961...

Produce labels. Description: Calif. agricultural produce lug labels on cardboard backing. a): River Brand California Asparagus, S.F.; b): Tall Green Asparagus - Sacramento; c): So - Green...


Handwritten on the back of the mounting board "Jan. 5, 1944." Photo is of a window display on the Arcade at The Emporium in San Francisco during World War II. The display shows a female...

c. 1906

Photo is a copy print mounted on foam board. Photo shows the temporary residence of The Emporium after the 1906 Earthquake and Fire which gutted the store on Market St. The new store is a...


Photograph. Image Description: Shows pioneer family posed outside their log cabin, in Utah (presumably; this would suggest Mormon family). Physical Description: Albumen stereo view on card,...


Upper Toe and Puddle from Northeast Station


Upper Toe & Puddle from Southeast Station

c. 1910

A typed caption is glued underneath the photo which says "Paul Mantz, Amelia Earhart, Harry Manning and Fred Noonan at the Oakland Airport in 1937. Several months later Miss Earhart and navigator...

ca. 1920-30

Color transparency. Description: Color transparency, mounted between sheets of glass; shows Mission San Antonio; edged with black tape. Condition good. Dimensions: 30" x 20". Remarks: This is...

c. 1915

Father Grace [Daddy Grace] religious leader in Oakland performing a baptism at the waterfront in front of WWI barracks. The exact location on the waterfront is not known.

Charles M. (Sweet...

c. 1900

Photogaph. Description: Group of children

(D. Curry, 10/28/99) Photograph is a group portrait, most likely a class picture, of a group of children, around age 8 or so. It is a very...

c. 1965

Label attached to the foam core on the back, "Young soldiers get a last cup of stateside coffee before boarding their troop ship to South East Asia." Photo shows a group of soldiers standing...

c. 1885

Chinese Girls' Presbyterian Mission Home at 933 Sacramento St. in San Francisco


Photo shows a parade taking place on a rainy day in Downtown Oakland turning from Broadway onto 14th ST. Crowds of people are lined up along the parade route, holding umbrellas. A marching band...


The black three-ring binder holds 62 photographs of San Francisco following the 1906 earthquake and fire. See sub-records for additional information.

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Photo Album|Danny, Summer 1928
Photo Album|Another Sunday, Alto - 1927
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