elvis presley

untitled (Elvis)

Multicolor, stylized poster shows Elvis Presley playing a guitar in front of a red car parked beneath a yellow moon. The car''s license plate reads "USA / Rock''N''Roll". Poster verso identical to...

Chris Shaw: Recent Artwork

Poster has a four quandrants of artwork with multicolored backgrounds and identical red text. Top left quandrant has an image of a green-skinned, topless female with white eyes and a halo around...

untitled (Elvis drawing)

Poster has a black and white drawing of a young Elvis Presley singing into a microphone. He is holding a guitar and wears a jacket with a large lapel.


Circular pin of metal, printed in red, white and blue, an image of ("the King of Rock and Roll") Elvis Presley, with the words "I Like Elvis."

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