1940 - 1950

Shallow earthenware bowl on a small foot. The surface is glazed orange with light and darker shades of glaze splattered on the interior of the bowl.

1940 - 1950

Earthenware bowl on a small foot. The surface is glazed matte yellow.


Sculpture of a semi-abstract duck formed from earthenware with low fire glaze and Luster's and china paint. The body of the duck is a smooth oblong with a short neck, head, and bill at one side...

c. 1970

Raku fired stoneware vase. Vase has a round bottom and a larger oval top. Glaze

1940 - 1950

Earthenware bowl on a small foot. The surface is glazed deep blue with a dark brown rim.


Exhibited at Artisans Gallery, Mill Valley, 1999 and at Works Gallery, Sonoma, 1997. Dimensions variable


Sculpture of a 'teacup.' Cup has a square base and round top with a cylindrical opening at the top center that is less than 1/2" in diameter. Extending from one side is a horizontal straight bar...

c. 1964

Large flat bowl with light grey outside with two dark stripes. Inside has light grey triangle shapes with rounded edges. Bowl is carved with a cracked ice crackel reduction glaze.


Round platter with two faces line drawn with glazes in white, brown, and blue. The rim is decorated with small dots along the surface.

Small vase with a light grey and brown pattern. Made from a reduction glaze.


Small round deep bowl with a light green jade outside with dark brown stripes. Inside is a light green jade pattern with brown and white inlaid stripes.


This object is a large cast and thrown earthenware jar with underglazes and overglazes. The center of the jar is a cylindrical column with a wide base that tapers toward the top. The upper...

Small round bowl with a hig foot. The outside bottom is brown with black stripes. The edge of the foot has white glaze that resembles drips. The top edge has white and light brown vertical stripes...

c. 1950

Medium sized bowl with brown and white stripes around the outside edge. Inside are carved triangle shapes with rounded edges over white and brown stripes.

c. 1950

Round bowl with high foot. Bowl has dark brown background with dark blue stripe around the outside with light blue accents. Inside the bowl is a golden red pattern that resembles drips. Bowl is a...

c. 1958

Small deep bowl with the top edge jagged. The outside has small ridges overall and a black and white pattern.


Large tuqouise vase with open top and bottom. Each side has a textured oval pattern. Made of a stoneware slab and hand built.

c. 1964

Small round plate with black bottom and patterned top. The center has white and green spots. Made of stoneware, slip cracked while drying. Second glaze applied and wiped away to expose cracks....

c. 1937 - 1940

This a pair of glazed ceramic Franciscan Ware candlesticks in the Coronado Aqua pattern with a glossy finish. A bell-shaped cup and flared ridge rest on a domed base with wavy scalloped sides....

c. 1937 - 1940

This a glazed ceramic Franciscan Ware bowl in the Coronado Aqua pattern with a glossy finish. The bowl is oblong with a tapered base and wavy scalloped sides.


Large gas fired stoneware sculpture with an abstract geometric form. Vertical composition with blue, white, and brown glazed surface.


ceramic icebucket

Baby Osiris Cookie Jar

Glazed ceramic sculpture includes a figure with a round body, short arms and legs, and a brown pointed beard on its chin. The figure's head is thrown back with its large mouth open at top....

c. 1934|c. 1930-1940

Cylindrical shape; half encircled banded lift; encircling throw lines at top; wedge spout; uranium orange glaze.

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