Pair of green Rookwood bookends. Bookends shaped like open books with a vine of flowers growing over the open pages. A bird (crow? raven?) sits on the open pages spanning one corner to the other...


tiny sculpure in black and white with a yellow stripe and yellow dot in middle. It is the shape of a low footed bowl with 4 ridges on the "foot"


Cup sculpture made of slip cast earthenware clay with low-fire glaze and china paint. 'Cup' has a brown base, a green body and a pink jelly bean-shaped handle. It is mounted to wooden box base...


Porcelain cup or bowl. Light gray/white with blue, terra cotta and green near base.


porcelain jar with blue band


Hand built earthenware bowl made of pigmented clay. Bowl has round flat bottom with high vertical sides and a flat rim at top. Rim is decorated with six pieces of recessed colored clay....


Porcelain sculpture (A) with china paint. Sculpture is brown in color and has a five sided star shaped base that narrows as it comes up to meet a round shape with a 7" rectangle projecting from...


Pit fired earthenware bowl. Bowl has a round base and tapers up with horizontally ribbed sides. Corners have been pressed out from the inside to form corners, creating a squared rim. Coloring...


This is a jar, raku with green glaze.

c. 1965-1966

This is an eight-sided glazed porcelain jar (A) with a round tablet-shaped lid (B). A partial butterfly motif in gray appears at center right on each side of the jar.


White clay ceramic sculpture (A) that includes a large white cup and saucer, a pillow and an arch, all sitting atop a white ceramic dome base. Cup has a green band near top and arch is green on...


Rectangular porcelain vase with a long neck. Background has a sponge-looking texture with a green on gold finish. Encircling the center horizontally is a puzzle-like motif depicting ocean, sky...

c. 1965

Stoneware hollow brick shaped sculpture with a cutout and drawn in face on the front. Front and back are bulbous while sides are flat. Top corners have holes through which a wire goes through...

c. 1965

Earthenware teapot with lid. Beneath clear glaze, pot is painted with a desert road scene. On one side (spout to left) is a black asphalt road in center, a cactus to the right and a billboard to...


White earthenware plate with clear glaze. Center has a gray image of a man's face and hands juggling food and a brush. Man is wearing a baseball cap and is licking his lips. Beneath his image...


This is a porcelain lidded bowl. The lid of the bowl is shped like a duck. The base has painted reeds to resemble a pond.

c. 1970

This is a porcelain lidded vase.The base has painted flamingos flying and watering in the river.


Large stoneware vase thrown by P. Voulkos. Round bottom with wire wrapped around it. Sides of vase are sculpted into abstract but life-size faces. Light gray clay with gray and red glaze.


Porcelain sculpture. Sculpture is a vessel (A) in the shape of a drum or can with a horizontal spout extending out the top at one end and a cylindrical opening on top opposite it. Opening has a...


Hand built stoneware vase or vessel. Bottom has oblong shape with pointed ends (like an eye). Two sides meet at corners and flare up and out, forming an upside down triangle. Corners are seamed...


Wheel thrown earthenware vase. Vase has a classic form with a round bottom, a wide flared neck and two small handles at base of neck. Vase is brown and is decorated with blue glaze forming...


Stoneware round plate made of brown clay. Flat clay pieces with curled edges have been added to the top and glazed in purple and green, forming an abstract textured design.


Hand-built sculpture of a walrus mounted to a black wooden base. Walrus has an abstract form with the exception of his tusks. Appears to be sitting on a square rock. Rock has a blue glazed...


Two piece ceramic sculpture in the shape of a tray and a bottle. The bottle (A) is white with green, blue and orange glaze in sections, forming circles and organic shapes. The bottle is solid;...

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