Peter Voulkos


Round platter with two faces line drawn with glazes in white, brown, and blue. The rim is decorated with small dots along the surface.


Large gas fired stoneware sculpture with an abstract geometric form. Vertical composition with blue, white, and brown glazed surface.


ceramic icebucket

circa 1952-1953

This is a wheel thrown gas fired stoneware bottle with a drawing of a stylized bull on one side. The bottle was decorated using a sgraffito technique, iron oxide/slip, and glaze. The overall...

c. 1955

This is a wheel-thrown stoneware bowl. The exterior is glazed blue and decorated with a light-colored circular motif while the interior is glazed dark brown.


Per S.B. - Footed, tall lidded jar; stoneware. An example of Voulkos' series of "faces vases." Galzes: faces are blue, gold lustre defines lower half of face and neck. Black glazes have...


This is a color monotype on paper that presents an image of a stacked double triangular form in black with green, gray, and maroon mottled background


Abstract monotype, mostly blue and black


Ceramic stack with round base leading to cylindrical top. Slab-constructed with visible joins. Anagama pit fired with unglazed brown and red varied surface


Wood fired stoneware stack, slab-constructed with open and visible joins. Unglazed tan, red, and brown varied surface.


Made at the Los Angeles County Art Institute (formerly the Otis College of Art); Fired to cone 6; Verified by Peter Voulkos on 3/25/01 as one of the earliest "Stack" forms (from Frank Lloyd of...


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Tan and brown gasfired ceramic plate with porcelain inserts. Plate is wheel-thrown and modified by hand with a wide shallow depression. Circular holes appear in the surface with cracked and...


Large stoneware low-fired glazed plate. Plate is plain brown with a large linier slice along one side. Slice is intersected with four colored dots of cobalt glazed clay. Four similar dots are...

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