untitled (graphic design)

Poster has a blue printed background with a circle at the center, filled with other, multicolor geometric shapes. At the center is a small pink and blue yin yang.

Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster has black ink printed on yellow paper. At the top is "Meditation / journey to a higher dimension". At the center is a triangle with an Egyptian looking woman kneeling with her arms...

Meditation: A Return to Power
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster is printed on white paper. At the top is "Meditation / a return to power" in black. Below the text is a pink triangle with a female figure kneeling in front of it holding open a set of...

Allen Ginsberg
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster printed on white paper. At the top is a white could with "For The Tibetan Nyingmapa Meditation Center. / A Benefit" in blue and "Merrily, Merrily We Welcome In The Year / And All The Hills...

Women's Art Festival

Poster has black text and grpahics printed on thick yellow paper. At the top is "Presenting / The 1972" followed by a central triangle with "Women''s Art Festival" printed around the edges and a...

Should the Animals Survive?
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster consists of yellow, gray, blue and black print on white paper. Along the top and bottom is a yellow triangle border with gray lines that connect from the triangle tips to the diamond in the...

Ancestral Reflections
c. 2004

Poster consists of green, red, blue and yellow print with white text on a black background with a thin teal border. Image in the center of the painting "Pacific Doorway" by Maori artist Sandy...

From Silver to Gold, an Original Musical / Signed Play
Late 20th - Early 21st Century

Poster printed with a dark blue background and metallic gold text and graphics on white paper. A gold outer border frames a background patterned with stars and planets. A figure in a hooded robe...

I am your sister
c. 1990

One white poster with a green triangle border design. In the top center is a purple diamond with "I am your sister" repeated on each edge and a green circle inside it. Text beneath image reads "I...

Marching to a Different Drummer

Poster printed in black, metallic silver, pink, purple, and teal ink on white paper. A large pink triangle appears at center over a grid of black lines on a metallic silver background. On top of...

Angels in America

Poster printed in black and pink ink on white paper. The page has an overall black background with white text. Text along the top of the page reads, "Eureka Theatre company presents / Angels in...

1996 Milwaukee Gay & Lesbian film & video fest

One black poster with homosexual slurs repeated in gray text in the background. In the forefront are white and pink rectangles of text with six pink triangles with black and white photos inside...

Hetero-sexism in color: Racism in pink

One teal poster with black text "Hetero-sexism in color, racism in pink, a panel discussion, presented by The C.R.E. and M.B.L.G.S., Wheeler Aud. University-o-Calif. Berkeley November 15, 1990 at...

Minnesota Leather Encounter '91

PPoster printed in black ink on off-white paper. Four rectangular sections are stacked together on a black background. The largest top section contains an image of two men with large wings...

1994 Bay area regional rodeo
c. 1994

One poster with a white border and black text. The majority of the poster is a pink and orange rectangle with "Golden State Gay Rodeo Association / Bay Area Chapter / Presents" along the top with...

Probe: A private club

One white poster with gray, red, and black print. At the top is "Probe" which is part of the gray rectangular border with red triangles. In the center is a ship inside a red heart. The text reads...

Triangle Denver
c. 1984

One poster with a black background and a full page image of a person from the waist to the knees wearing button fly jeans. The text in red reads "Triangle/Denver" and the text in white reads "2036...

NGLTF : Fight back : MOW '93 [March on Washington]

One white poster with black print. Image depicts the dome of the capital building wrapped in a leather jacket with a pink triangle on the lapel. Along the bottom is "NGLTF fight back MOW '93."

Unity In Pride, Power, Life, and Justice: 1987 Lesbian * Gay Pride Parade March and Freedom Rally

Poster has a light blue background with pink, blue and black text. In the center is an image of a triangle with various images of flowers, interlocked male and female symbols, the Seattle...

Lesbian Gay Awareness Week April 5-13, 1986

Poster is printed on light grapy paper with black text. In the center is a large pink triangle. Poster reads, "Lesbian/Gay Awareness Week/ April 5-13, 1986/ University of Massachusetts/Amherst."...

Together In Pride

Poster has a gray background overall. The top of the poster has text in black: "Christopher Street West / Los Angeles / 1991". The center of the poster has a black square overlaid with a stylized...

Stonewall 20: A Generation of Pride

Background of poster is a stylized drawing of a brick wall in brown, grey , and tan. The top of the poster has text in black and purple: "Christopher Street West / Los Angeles / presents / The...

Envision Equal Rights

Poster has a white background overall. The top of the poster has text in red, blue, and white: "Envision Equal Rights" above: "1993 March On Washington" in black. Below the text the poster has a...

March on Washington for Lesbian & Gay Rights  October 11 1987

Poster has a gray background and a purple bottom edge. The center of the poster has a large, lavender colored inverted triangle and many smaller irregularly spaced inverted triangles in white,...

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