self portrait

circa 1970

This is an oil painting on canvas that shows a self-portrait by the artist Norbert Schlaus. The composition shows an older man holding a paintbrush in his hand, who is gazing at a canvas that...


This is a black and white lithograph after Elisabeth-Louise Vig_e-Lebrun's painting, "Self-Portrait" (1800). The print shows a mirror image of the painting's original...


This is a print reproduction of Elisabeth-Louise Vig_e-Lebrun's painting, "Self-Portrait" (1800). A quote by Ann Chernow appears below the image.

Learning through Education in the Arts Project

Poster for the Learning Through Education in the Arts Project with a 1992 calendar across bottom half and a photograph of a quilt mural with 169 self-portraits of school children. Background is...

Frida Kahlo

The poster has a black border. The top of the poster has a reproduction of the painting: Self-Portrait as a Tehuana (Diego on My Mind) by Frida Kahlo. The painting shows Frida Kahlo with only her...


The black and white pencil drawing is a self-portrait of Mike Kelley, sitting with his helmet on, and shirt off, with a belt of ammo over one shoulder, and leading to a large gun. In the title it...

Self-Portrait with Bowling Ball

This is a self-portrait oil painting on canvas of Xavier Tizoc Martinez. The composition shows a man in profile facing left with dark chin-length hair and a moustache. He is painted wearing a...




Color lithograph on paper with deckled lower edge. An outer border in black and white contains checkerboard designs at all corners except for the lower right, which is yellow with a diagonal line...


A rectangular sheet etching on paper contains a composition of a male figure sitting on what appears as a bench. The figure's head is in profile looking right and supported his by his left arm,...

McDonald's Hamburgers Invading Japan/ Self Portrait

This is a watercolor depicting a self portrait of the artist in the corner along side of a broom sweeping away a hamburger.


Portrait of a woman with short brown hair sitting on a chair with her gaze slightly to her right. She wears a green skirt and brown button-down jacket with a multi-colored scarf tucked into it. A...


Gelatin silver print on fiber matte Ilford paper shows a self-portrait of artist James Luna in triptych form. The work is composed of three half-length portraits of the artist wearing a black...

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