Photograph of an aviator (Bert Lane) standing on the wing of a biplane dressed in jodpurs, laced boots,shirt, helmet, goggles (pushed up on to the helmet) while his plane is being fueled at Irwin...


Photograph of a group of six men standing in front of an airplane. The third from the left (wearing a plaid shirt) has been identified as Albert Lane. The airplane is a Ryan.


Photograph of a Ryan aircraft, with a man standing on a ladder fueling it from a Shell Oil Company truck. Standing next to the truck is Albert Lane.


Photograph of an airplane, on the ground at Enterprise Airfield, Redding, California with a man in coveralls standing in front of the plane, with his back to the plane. Written on the side of the...


Photograph of an airplane on the ground at Enterprise Airfield, Redding, California. Art Starbuck is the pilot. A crowd of men and boys has gathered around the plane and a Red Crown gasoline...


Photograph of a man in light colored clothing, "saluting" a biplane, by putting is thumb to his nose.


Photograph of an aviator (John or Tom Penfield) dressed in jodpurs, laced boots, leather flying jacket, helmet, goggles (pushed up on to the helmet) standing behind a biplane in a field of scrub...


Photograph of an aviator, dressed in dark trousers and a light shirt, helmet, goggles (pushed up on to the helmet) standing next to the front of a biplane in a field of scrub grass with saw horses...


Photograph of an aviator (John or Tom Penfield) wearing dark trousers and a light colored shirt with a helmet, goggles (pushed up on to the helmet) standing with his arms folded, next to a biplane...


Photograph of an aviator and Bert Lane. Aviator might be Marce Thie. Written in ink of the back: "Just now, 4-21-84, received this pic from Sis - Katie Aldrich, This pic dates approx. [July] 8...


Black paper page cut from a crapbook or notebook, with a photograph mounted on either side. "Corner of W. 1 St. and Hill St. Los Angeles" on one side. The image shows a horse pulling a buggy...


Photo Portrait. Description: Porcelain coated metal button, 5" diameter, taken at Kahn's Department Store, Oakland, 1913. Donor's mother and donor (approximately one year.)

(D. Curry, 11/...

Varney Speed Lanes

Yellowed photograph of five people standing in front of a single engine plane "West Wind" two unnamed men (the first wearing an overcoat), an unnamed woman in a fur trimmed coat,...


A-B: Photograph of a younger man, in a jacket fastened with snaps, standing next to an airplane, while and older man (probably a businessman) wearing a single breasted suit, a bow tie, fedora and...


Photograph of a teenaged boy dressed in coveralls, a light colored shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and a cap. He's holding the frame of an airplane or a glider in each hand. There's a barn in...


Photograph of an aviator in an airplane that has been taxsied from the hange. Another man, in trousers and a shirt, with a cap on his head, is dtanding, with hands on hips, look at the nose of...


Photograph of a biplane, tail marked "Nolan,"


Photograph of a a biplane, the tail is marked "NOLAN Aircraft Company." The writing on the back of the images also mentions "Jenny Wings" and a "Curtis engine."

ca. 1880

"Views in Oakland, Cal., City Hall and Park, junction Broadway, SSan Pablo Ave., and 14th St." Photgraph. Description: An artotype, brown tones.

ca. 1875

"View in Oakland, Cal. - Tenth Avenue Baptist Church, cor. East Fourteenth and 10th Avenue". Photograph. Description: Black & white artotype.


Photograph of an an airplane on the ground with many young boys coming to look at the side away from the camera. The craft is marked "Golden Bear NSAC;" markings on the tail read: "NC-1, X-883-E...


Two of these were created for the 50th anniversary celebration of the commissioning of the U. S. S. Oakland, a World War II navy cruiser which was built in San Francisco by Bethlehem Shipyards....

World War II

One pamphlet. Description: Newsprint with black and white photographic cover "Re-Make Clothes" - American Women's Voluntary Services. Condition: very good. Dimensions: 6-7/8" x 9-3/8".

Button. Description: black and orange photograph of man. Portrait of Huey Newton of the Black Panthers.

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