This is a mixed media sculpture of a rifle with "HENRY" inscribed on the side.


Gun and Knife Memory Board with Ivory Pirate Gun and Rope Boarder

c. 1974

glass gallon jug filled with assorted , both natural and man made

Lest We Forget, The Strength of Tears, of Those Who Toiled

This work is composed of three vintage washboards upon which historical photographs of African American female slaves have been placed. The ladder-like structure of the piece, which culminates...


This is a wall mounted assemblage made of reclaimed parts such as an old doorknob, paint cans, wire, typewriter keys, bicycle wheel, metal washers, etc.

Just a Matter of Time

Installation of a row of 15 gray cuckoo clocks with hammers and sickles hanging from their chains.


Mixed media installation of Mickey Mouse and four circles of different size and color


Assemblage is compiled from a black circular backboard with concentric white lines with various game balls and buttons representing the solar system.


Rotating amorphous shape mounted on wood covered in velvet. There is an electical component including a cord and plug.


This is an actual dollar bill mounted onto a sheet of heavy paper. There is a cut out in the center of the sheet, the exact size of the bill so you can see both sides of the dollar. The dollar is...


Poem by Billy Collins with images created by Charles Hobson using feathers, ribbon, and buttons in book and slipcase. Assembly work by Alice Shaw and John DeMerrit. Note: Title is "Taking Off...


A large rectangular plywood support has multiple curved pieces of metal nailed to its surface with steel brads. Metal pieces have light-colored polychrome surface with both metallic and flat...


Shadow box with three bars of soap inside. Each bar of soap has an identicle "soap drawing". The box sits on a terry cloth pedastal.


This is an installation consisting of 17 bottles on a wall shelf. There are 6 green, 5 white, and six blue wax bottles arranged on a white shelf. Each bottle has a different phrase in gold leaf...


Sculpture of a tall vase constructed from an assemblage of broken plates. The ceramic plates are white with many showing floral or animal patterns and are held together with hot-melt adhesive....

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