work on paper

05/28/67 and 10/01/82

Image of this piece can be found in a magazine in the paper file.


On back towards top: "I take the 5th Amendment". Written large: "T.H. Gordon (c) 8 June 1985". The (c) stands for copyright.


Abstract mage of what appears to be a sculpture . Bottom of sculpture is a black bowl-like shape from which rises two tall narrow pieces, one a darker brown than the other. Both tall pieces are...


Appears to be of two sculptures, one with a red base, one with a blue base. The blue base sculpture looks like a maze. The red based sculpture is in the shape of a cursive Y with an eye attached...


Book contains thirty-five prayers. Cover is light brown, binding is a darker brown. "Let Us Pray" is on spine. Cover has red square with image of wooden cross.

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