Robert Hudson


Sculpture in two parts. Top portion consists of a cresent moon and iron sphere attach to an I-beam. The surface is painted with geometric patterns in bright green, yellow, red, blue, and black...

Double Time
late 20th century

This is a watercolor on paper with that contains a geometric image made with multiple thin lines. The image has a red and green multiple line border. Blue and yellow wavy lines dominate the...


This is a mixed media glazed porcelain sculpture. A multicolored vase with a small plaque that says, "2002" forms the lower half of the work. Pieces of faux wood are attached to the top rim of...


Mixed Media sculpture contains a wooden cut-out of a smiling male figure posed as if walking toward the viewer. The figure is dressed in a multi-colored button-down long-sleeved shirt, belted...


This is an abstract, multi colored steel sculpture which resembles a tusk on a circlular base


This is a tall painted steel sculpture in 3 parts.


Ceramic vessel composed of a gourd-shaped base splattered with green and blue pigment and decorated with a triangular design around the opening at top. What appears as a cylindrical tower with a...


This is a ceramic vessel made of porcelain with applied ceramic pieces. The work is shaped like a vessel.


Blue and brown pitcher with angular protruding handle.


Dark green/brown cup with handle. Interior is white with light blue at upper edge.

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