Italian Americans

Lange Problem #19. Negatives do not match images in Contact Sheet books under same Lange #. Catalog Sheets vol. 1, p. 46 lists seven negatives and only three were found in negative envelope (...

Untitled (Portrait of Joan Bowly, Dorothea Lange's Mother)
drugs put you out of it

Poster with seven buttons on a white-gray background. Six button are yellow smiley faces. The seventh button is a blue frowny face.


Poster has a beige background with a thin green border .25" from the poster edge. Poster shows seven color illustrations - three rows of two and a final solitary photo at the bottom. Photos show,...

A New Tradition of Crazy Wisdom

Poster has a red background. The top of the poster has text in white: "You are invited to a presentation by The Laughing Man Institute / A New Tradition / Of Crazy Wisdom", below this there are...

We all smile in the same language.

Multi-color poster shows a line of children holding hands in front of an image of the Earth. The background is pale orange and "We all smile in the same language" is printed in large blue font...

untitled (two men with heads together)
c. 1993

Poster consists of black print on yellow paper. Image depicts a man with and earring a beard with his forehead against another smiling man with an earring and a necklace.

Moskwa 1980

Poster is printed on white/cream paper. The poster's background is white. The top of the poster has five interlocked circles with smiling faces in the center of each one. Each circle has a...

untitled (Male Figure)
c. 1967

The poster has a thick unprinted border overall. The poster has a a stylized drawing of an African American, male figure. Shown from the chest up the figure is wearing a white collored shirt and...


Depiction: Close up of a cute, young girl. She is maybe 7 years old. She is holding a little candle and is looking up into the camera and smiling. She is wearing a little peacoat and has long...


Depiction: A very large crowd of people fills a UC Berkeley campus square. A woman at the front of the crowd is holding up a candle or some sort of firework (?) in her fingers. She is smiling and...


Description: Two close up photos show a man with long hair, sunglasses and a bandana reach out and hug a Berkeley police officer who's wearing a helmet with face shield, sunglasses and riot gear....


Sheet music is printed in black on white paper, composed by Benny Davis and Harry Akst and published by Waterson, Berlin & Snyder Co. The front cover shows a bouquet of flowers and two hearts...


Depiction: Close up of two men and one woman who are smiling broadly. Photo caption reads: Ray Gatchalian, Richard Bowen and Sarah Seybold are part of 'mission.'

c. 1939

Filed in Lange work print file #39R, with the following title and inscription - in Lange's hand (pencil & red pencil): Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada

Photo Album|Merry Christmas, Grandma
Photo Album
Photo Album|Kickafoots / Discovery
Photo Album|John, Summer 1928
Photo Album|Happy New Year, Grandad
April 13, 1886
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